Why Wal-Mart Fails At Customer Service & Everything Else

I never quite understood why my mother had such hatred for this company. It may have stemmed from her years at working here. Maybe it is the look of the store or maybe it is the people who work there. With all those scenarios, you have to wonder why my mother hates Wal-Mart so much. It could possibly be all those reasons listed above and other reasons I have yet and probably will not mentioned. Whatever the reason is for her utter hate for Sam Walton’s empire, I am beginning to see the light and know why (at least my reason) this place is pure garbage and cares not for their people or their customers but only for the money that drops into their pockets. It’s a business. It a horrible business and if you shop there or work there, I am sorry. For what it is worth, I’ve shopped there. Hopefully I can keep the word shop in the past tense and vow to you and myself to stay away from Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart fails at customer service and everything else. Let me rant for a while.

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I have an issue with texting.

I have an issue with texting. I am not saying I don’t text. I do text. I text a lot but nothing compared to the amount of texting a teenage girl will do. My issue with texting is on the same level with the people who don’t put their phone down when you’re trying to assist them. I mentioned that before. You can read about my anger over people being rude when they talk on their cellphones when you’re serving them. It’s more of a customer service thing but even under the circumstances of having a conversation with a friend, that too irks me. We’re hanging out. Put the damn phone down and let’s chill. I didn’t waste my time driving over to your place to sit here while you talk to someone else via text. My issue with texting is the poor use of grammar. I want to have a conversation with you but I cannot ignore the fact that when we’re texting, you’re using texting lingo and or, leaving out words just to save time on texting.

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Playing In Traffic

I shouldn’t really post this today. I mean, it is mother’s day and it is the day that kids should hug their mom and tell her how much she means to them. But, I can’t stay silent about this. I cannot just sweep this matter under the rug and pretend that is doesn’t happen. I need to voice my opinion and bring to light this epidemic that is plaguing this country. If I don’t speak up, no one will. I will be the voice of the people and be the one to finally bring an end to this rambunctious antics of the wee little trolls we call, children.

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An Open Letter To The People Who Drive On 152 Highway

I feel I need to address an issue that needs to come to light. I feel that what I will discuss may upset some people but I am okay with that. Words hurt. Sometimes it’s important to lash out and finally express yourself about what is eating you up inside. So, if you are a driver on 152 highway or if you have ever driven on said highway, this letter is to you. I should note something. While I too am a driver on this stretch of highway in the state of Misery, I am not included in anything I mention below. Thank you.

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How not to make an example

I don’t have kids. I am already dead set that I will never populate the Earth with any offspring. The discussion of why I won’t get married or have a litter of little Kirk’s running around isn’t important. I am sure I have talked at great lengths about why I won’t. I brought up the topic of kids because it serves a point to the topic I am about to discuss. Even if you don’t have kids, you can still make your point. You don’t even have to resort to using children in your plan to make a point, even if the point is unimportant and a pathetic attempt and trying to come off as superior than others. If you want to make a point about something, I suggest you don’t do anything stupid.

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