Billy likes to drink Soda.

I was determined to blog tonight. Plans changed. But with the push from a friend, I’ll do my best to blog.

Kirk: i was gonna blog tonight too…
Drinking Buddy: you can still blog
Drinking Buddy: plenty of time
Drinking Buddy: plus the booze will make your blog funnier

You don’t have to twist my arm. I’ll blog. Yes. I have been drinking. It’s a normal thing I do on my day off. People at work just assume this is all I do. I don’t shower. I don’t eat. I don’t sleep. From the moment I get home, I down a bottle, then another, and then another. I drink them to the point of drunkenness.¬† That’s just a fabrication. I don’t stop when I am drunk. I do drink a lot. Is it bad? Maybe. But I stay inside. I don’t go out driving. At least I don’t anymore. Shit is expensive.

I have been keeping a log of the crap I eat and drink. You’ll see the log in a few days. I like soda. I always have. I usually have at least 2 at work. My morning usually starts out with a coffee. It could be an expensive “Starbucks” coffee, or a cheap coffee from work. I don’t think Starbucks is that expensive. I mean, spending $2.15 or $2.14 (real starbucks) on a coffee is crazy but I do it. I like it. My brother raises hell about it. “You gotta get your rich mans coffee?” I am trying to cut back. His ‘rich man’ comment isn’t the reason. It’s cause I know now how much I drink. It’s effin’ crazy.

I might get a juice throughout the day. That usually tides me over till lunch. Lunch has always been a coke. If I was to think about it, I can get a rough idea of the amount of cokes I have drank at work. Not including refills or the coke I might get on my way out the door. I am talking about the coke I get at break. I have had this job for 15 years. I am sure when I first started¬† I didnt’ work 5 days a week. But give or take the days I came in on my days off or the extra days I have pulled, I’ll say an average of 5 days a week. In 15 years, I have had at least 3,900 20 oz. cups of soda. Yes, soda. Not cola. Not pop. Eff the people that say those. It’s soda. Even if I go out somewhere and asked for a drink, I’ll say coke.¬† They might serve pepsi, but coke is easier to say. Deal.

Almost 4,000 cups of soda!? Insane! And that’s just coke. I am not a fan of any other. Scratch that. I will drink Pepsi. I like either. They are the same shit to me. Pepsi is a bit sweeter. But in a challenge, i’ll take coke. It taste better out of the can.

I don’t care for much of the other brands. I like diet pepsi. Why? Reasons are still unknown. I’ve tried diet coke and I hate it. I’ll drink Sprite. I’ll only drink it if my stomach hurts and I feel sick. I am sick about once a year. So I have maybe one sprite a year. I like root beer. Not from the fountain. Not from a can. Not even from the 1 liter container. I like it in a frosted mug, poured from the tap. Something about it that way, makes it perfect.

I don’t like Mr. Pibb. I don’t like Vault. I don’t like Dr. Pepper. No Mountain Dew. No Crush. Just coke. Now, I do like cherry coke. I would drink that all the time in high school. I’ll have it here and there but my drink is coke.

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I can go on and explain my whole straw reasoning but that can wait. I’ll save that for another story.