The Lazy Laundriers

Washer And DryerI cannot stress enough how much these two give me rage. I was really excited when I was told I had a washer and dryer in my apartment. It beats using a community laundry room. Not to mention, I am not dropping quarters every time I need to wash and dry my clothes. Now the washer and dryer isn’t in my actual apartment. It is in a joining room I share with the people next door. When we they need to do laundry, there is a light switch we flip on. If you don’t flip it, you’ll have no power and turning on the washer or dryer will be useless. We have a water switch as well. Thankfully, these two have enough respect to not use my water. I am aware there are other tenants that don’t respect the water issue and steal water from others. I do mean steal. We pay for water.

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