The downfall of drinking.

halfbakedBefore I get into this blog entry, I want to apologize for not being more active on the posting. I keep forgetting to post things and when I do get the urge and the giddy feeling inside my heart to do so, I end up inviting people over and we drink, get stupid, and inadvertently, get HR after us for hanging with married women. But that story is for another day and when I say another day, I mean never. I am an open book when it comes to blogging but ask me things, personal things, I clam up. That may be why I am angry all the time and why I hate the world. People say we need to express our feelings but I rather not open up about how I feel about people or answer you when you ask me if I am okay. My answer will be always be, “yeah, I am fine. Now go eff off and leave me be.” I don’t tell them to eff off exactly. I am nicer about it but to get my point across and to amuse me for the sake and keeping up the persona of being an asshole and a total 5’11 of douchebaggery, I will stick to the “eff off” scenario if you stick to leaving me the hell alone. Sound good? Awesome. Now let’s get to me explaining why drinking is a downfall.

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