Away For The Holiday

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I am not. I am still trying to grasp the notion that it’s already almost Thanksgiving. Where did the time go? I swear this year has gone by very fast. I remember  the beginning of the year like it was just yesterday. I am taking this as a sign that I am getting old and time is just slipping by unnoticed and not spending it wisely with friends, family, and the people I love. Which is why the year ends the way it does. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two holidays at the end of a long and stressful year to bring you back to your routes and know that while the year did have its ups and downs, you can always rely on family to support you and be there for you in the end.

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Halloween 2012

My favorite holiday came and went again. I had a fantastic costume planned. I was all set on doing it but I always procrastinate and never complete it. I never even started it. I looked at some photos of it and got ideas of how to. But I failed and another great costume never happened. Instead of doing a very elaborate costume this year, I instead went old school. I was a zombie this year. How did it turn out?

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