How To Make Money and Live Comfortably Forever

where there’s a willthere’s a way

I hardly give advice on here to my readers. I think with all the ranting and all the talking I do out of my a**, I should contribute to the community and offer some sound advice on being financially stable. You’ll can stay poor and ignore my advice or if you listen fully and do the steps correctly, you can sit comfortably on a mountain of money. You will be swimming in money like Scrooge and the pool will be endless. Doesn’t that sound awesome!? Want to know how to accomplish this? Let’s get to the advice and hope that you will take one of these two examples and sue the Hell out of a multi-million dollar company. They don’t need the money, you do.

Don’t second guess yourself about suing people. Don’t make yourself believe the lies that it is wrong and greedy. It’s not. We all deserve a break. If you think working a Monday through Friday job is boring and lackluster then I think the only logical thing to do is to sue a company. Everyone does it all the time and you just sit there and wonder to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Well you can think of that. You can be the person that others will wish to be. It is your time to shine. I am going to share with you two fantastic ideas that can and will rob those greedy corporations of the money that you deserve.

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