Have You Ever Seen: The Grim Reaper

It is a bit funny that I have Netflix considering I work at a video store. Anywho, my brother and I enjoy watching the B of all B movies. Nothing has been able to top Thankskilling (iTunes) and I’m not sure if anything will be able to. As it goes, I was waiting for a ride and opted to pass the time by watching a movie. When I opened up Netflix and looked at its suggestions for me The Grim Reaper (iTunes), circa 2007, popped up. I avoided reading the summary ’cause that’s all part of the excitement and hit ‘play.’ The movie starts with a girl in a white outfit fit for a stripper walking up a flight of stairs, and ends with her in building, walking down a hallway.  A dark figure is walking behind a girl and lifts something up and then…oh it was a dream sequence.

Grim Reaper


Of course everyone at the hospital thinks Rachel is going crazy. Though Rachel is no longer at the hospital, but somewhere else. She is at some other kind of hospital, and have some new characters, the good old “trusting” doctor, the quiet artist who won’t talk to anyone but draws pictures of the Grim Reaper, the suicidal wrist-cutting girl, the abused girl who lost her eyesight because her boyfriend was jealous and threw bleach into her eyes, the untrusting dude who needs pills to manage, and finally the band playing guy who seems like a stoner. Have a look at a bit of the movie:


They are all trapped and unable to get out. So each one starts to get picked off one by one, the quiet artist is killed when the Grim Reaper throws guitar drumsticks at his face, and the artist boy is no more. Well I guess splitting up and wandering around, in an abandoned hospital is a good idea, and I guess the Reapers body count will raise to 4.  The 2 girls decide to go off someone else to avoid then Grim Reaper. The blind girl can hear things really well, for she knows that the Grim Reaper is coming. The wrist-cutting, suicidal chick can’t take it so she electrocutes herself, and leaves the blind girl to defend for herself, well the Reaper is getting closer… and well you can assume you know what happens to her.

The pill-popping dude runs to a room to hide from the Reaper, but the Reaper finds him, and needs to clear the dude’s debt.  The Reaper is standing in the doorway with the blind chick’s head. The Reaper and the pill popper fight and Reaper wins. The stripper and the band-playing guy end up finding the pill popper sliced and diced, and they run for cover.

They go and find the doctor’s office in hopes they can find meaning to all this. The doctor tells them why the Reaper is chasing them. The doc made a deal with the Reaper, “Save my life, and I will bring you lost souls who don’t deserve to live.” What better place to find them then at an ER? Well the stripper and band player look everywhere for something to break the curse, and the band player goes to the closet, there’s a bit of noise, and then a whoosh. The band player is no more…sliced and diced. The stripper runs around trying to find a way out. But she doesn’t know that her boyfriend found a way in. Kind of curious how they can’t find a way out, but he can find a way in.

They find each other and devise a plan to beat Reaper. Lets drug up the girlfriend, and put her in a drug-induced coma, and then they Reaper will pay. Well she ends up in the same place as her dream sequence, you know, walking upstairs, walking downstairs and then to a hallway, then the Reaper appearing. Something happens and a light shines through a window and the stripper girl moves causing the light to hit the Reaper and he burns up.

The stripper and her boyfriend escape and make it safely back home. All is good with the world. Or is it? At the end of the movie the poor stripper has a dream (or not) about the Reaper coming after her.

Grim Reaper was so not worth my time. I could have written about any other movie, Dead End, or Séance, or 5ive Girls, Haunted Highway, etc, but I decided on this one. Trust me when I say you should probably watch one of the aforementioned because you are not missing much by avoiding Grim Reaper.