Are We There Yet?

For my job, sometimes I have to take a delivery. I know my way around my area but being at a new store and in a city I know not much about, getting an address and a map quest is essential to me getting there on time. The other day, I took a delivery to a church. The sheet with the information just labeled the building as ‘church’. That’s all it said. My first thought was maybe this is the only church in the whole city but that can’t be right. I am sure there are more churches in the city. I asked someone to get me a map quest. After the third request, she finally brought me one. It looked pretty simple. Just a short drive from where I am. I loaded up the van and headed out west. I noticed first off that the van I was in was riding on empty. I just hope that the van will get me there and back and let the next driver deal with the low fuel. 

I drove passed a building. That could be it but I didn’t see any address on the building. It was a church but when I arrived there, there was only one car in the parking lot. Was this the place? Was I already there? I decided to whip out my handy dandy iPhone and do a quick google map of the place. It pinpointed my location and I entered in the address of the place I was needing to go. Instantly, the directions show up. Below is what I saw. Thank you, google maps. You found the place for me!