Hey Apple! Fix The Maps.

I updated my iPhone to the newest OS they have, iOS 6. While I am very happy with iMessage working and the photo stream, I am upset with how shitty maps work. I miss google maps. They are the best maps around and now Google is even mapping the ocean floor. Seriously, those nerds means business. With Apple, we get a map application that is anything but great. Maybe this is Apple’s plan. If Google and everyone else already have great map applications, they will release a great app down the road and exclaim how amazing their app is compared to all the others.

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Brotherly Competition

It is time for another really lame joke. I think you’ll like this one.

A mother was happy to see her twin boys grow up. They were just little tykes without a care. They didn’t know much and weren’t able to speak. But she did what all mothers do. She nurtured them. She taught them how to talk, read, and write. She was their go to person for any question their tiny minds would come up with. They were always trying to out do each other. They always want to out do the other. It was a friendly, brotherly competition. Their mother wasn’t too happy with the idea of her sons always wanting to prove to the other who was the best but she let it slide. She found it cute really. They never fought about who won or cried when they lost. Usually, they would congratulate the winner or cheer up the loser.

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Not On The Same Wavelength

I feel like I was just interrogated by my neighbor. It was almost as if he was trying to prove me wrong but I know better. I know when I am wrong and I know when I am right. I am happy to say that I wasn’t wrong because being wrong just isn’t my style. I am never wrong.  Boy, did my neighbor’s face turn red when I put him in his place. Let me explain the story. Then you can be the judge in all of this. I swear know I am right and he thinks he is. Decide. You’re the judge on this.

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Why I Am Better Than You.

The title says it all. I don’t want to burst your bubble and void everything your mommy and daddy told you. The truth needs to come out. I need to be direct with you common people and finally explain why I am better than you. Am I being funny? Maybe. Is this true and based on fact and not just my opinion? No. If that were true then the title of this post would be, Why I think I am better than you. It clearly states that I am better than you and there is no sense in trying to think otherwise. You mean nothing to me and if you want to matter in this crazy world, I suggest you stop being you and be me. Unfortunately, that there is impossible. Tough luck. Have fun being you.

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