December Stats – Part I: Drinks

The final month. It is all down to this night. Being that I like alcohol, I still cannot post this till the strike of midnight. I am planning on being up past midnight. If I drink too much or drink too fast, then I won’t be. I’ll be passed out somewhere. I will also be posting a collection of some things I ate and drank in a graph. It’ll be nice to see some of the items added up through this entire year. I will not be adding everything up. It’ll be a very tedious process and not to mention, I don’t think it’s important to know if I ate just a single grain of rice. But with the year ending, I am completed this amazing task. Take a look at the final stats for the month of December.


I always think I drank more coffee than what I have listed. I might have. Like I have said before, I could have missed some items here and there. I’m not perfect. For the month of December I had a total of, 66 coffees. One of those coffees, I am drinking right now. Let’s take a look at the breakdown.

  • 22 of the coffees were Caribou Coffees.
  • 13 were had at Bob Evans.
  • the last of the coffees were Folgers. I had a total of 31.


I am very shocked and somewhat disappointed with myself with how much I drank this month. I like drinking. It’s just what I do. But to see the number I came up with this month, I cannot think of words to express it. I did tally it up a few nights ago. I was a bit drunk while I was counting. I had added wrong and came to a crazy number. The number you’ll see is still out there but the number I originally amassed was far higher than what I actually drank. For the month of December, I had a total of 122 alcoholic beverages. I wonder what a liver is going for on the black market.

  • 119 of there were bud light bottles.
  • 4 were bud lights in glass mugs.
    • 1 was at a Mexican restaurant
    • 3 were had at a bar.
  • 3 were shots of Sailor Jerry Rum (I puked. :( )


This was a low month for soda Shocking. Guess all the beer drinking took away from the caffeine. I had a total of 40 sodas this month. To see what they are, scroll down.

  • 37 of these were Coke.
    • 22 of those were had at work.
    • 12 were cans of Coke.
    • 1 was a 20 oz plastic bottle.
    • 1 was a Medium Coke from McDonald’s.
    • 1 was a glass of Coke from a Mexican restaurant.
  • The last 3 were Pepsi.
  • 1 was a can of Diet Pepsi.
  • 1 was a Pepsi from Popeye’s.
  • 1 was a Pepsi from a Pizza Place.

Juice, Milk, Water & Etc…

I am just going to combine these again. Since they aren’t drastic numbers like the others, this will be suffice.

  • 19 glasses of water.
  • 7 Milks
    • 1 was Strawberry milk.
    • 6 were Chocolate milk.
  • 1 Starbucks Hot Chocolate.
  • 8 Juices.
    • 1 Capri Sun Apple.
    • 1 Capri Sun Grape.
    • 1 Capri Sun Fruit Punch.
    • 4 Oranges Juices.
      • 3 were at Bob Evans.
      • 1 was a Minute Maid Juice at work

This is the last of what I drank for the year of 2010. Happy New Year!


November Stats – Part II: Food

I am just knocking these out. I should have kept up with them in a more timely manner but I slacked on it. Let’s jump right into the facts and be amazed at everything I ate during the month of November. From Thanksgiving dinner to the leftover Halloween candy.


In the month of October, I had a total of 12 donuts. While I do love a nice donut in the morning, I only had 10. Only two less than the previous month. Donuts and cookies are my crack. I do love a good donut in the morning.

  • 5 of these donuts were my all time favorite, Maple Cinnamon Rolls.
  • The last 5 were long johns.
    • 3 were maple Long Johns.
      • 2 were from Quiktrip.
      • 1 was from work.
    • 2 were chocolate long johns from work.


I only care for one muffin. That’s blueberry. This month I had,

  • 5 Blueberry Muffins.


Still the one thing I always find myself munching on. I prefer peanut butter cookies and oatmeal raisin but if I see a cookie, I’ll eat it. This month I had 21 cookies. A few more than October. Like I said, I like cookies.

  • 2 were Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.
  • 3 were M&M Cookies.
  • 4 were Peanut Butter Cookies.
  • 12 were Chocolate Chip Cookies.
    • 9 were at work.
    • 3 were ate at my friends house.

Halloween Candy:

Since I really had no kids come by knocking on my door for candy, I was stuck with a bowl full of goodies all to myself. I always make sure when I buy candy for Halloween, it’s candy I’ll eat. If I am getting stuck with it, I want to be sure I’ll eat it. Can’t let this stuff go to waste. I had a grand total of 58 pieces of candy. I should see a dentist.

  • 11 were Reese’s Pieces.
  • 1 was a Butterfinger Crisp.
  • 5 Mini Bags of Whoppers.
  • 2 Mini Packages of Starbursts.
  • 1 Mini Box of Milk Duds.
  • 11 Bite Size Baby Ruth.
  • 16 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
  • 11 Mini Reese’s Mini Fast Breaks.

Other Random Goodies:

This will conclude the sweet treats I ate throughout the month. The remaining treats totaled 9 random goodies.

  • 1 Cinnamon Biscuit.
  • 2 Blueberry Breakfast Loaves.
  • 1 Ultimate Breakfast Bar (it taste like cinnamon.)
  • 1 Chocolate Chip Granola Bar.
  • 1 Piece of Monkey Bread.
  • 2 Blueberry Cream Cakes (no idea what this is or how I got my hands on it…)
  • 1 Peanut Butter Breakfast Chew (again…no idea.)

Dining Out:

I have been trying this month to go out so much and eat fast food. I actually try to cook at home. When I say this month, I am referring to December. You’ll see that I made no attempt at cooking at home. I said it once and I will say it again. I cook all day at work. I don’t want to go home and cook again. You think porn stars go home after a long day at work and want to jump in the sack? I don’t think so.

  • 3 Trips to Popeye’s Chicken -3 Piece Dinners (7 thighs, 2 legs)
    • 3 sides of mashed potatoes and gravy.
    • 3 biscuits.
  • 1 Cold Cut Combo
    • 1 bag of Sun Dried Tomato and Monterey Jack Sun Chips.
  • 4 Chipotle Burritos (rice, chicken, corn, lettuce & sour cream)
  • 5 Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese
  • 3 Twenty Piece Chicken Nuggets (6 BBQ Sauces, 6 Sweet & Sour Sauces)
  • 1 Ten Piece Chicken Nugget (1 BBQ Sauce, 1 Sweet & Sour Sauce)
  • 1 Double Whopper With Cheese
    • 1 side of onion rings.
  • 1 Philly Time Deluxe Phillysteak Sandwich
  • 1 Trip to Ming Garden
    • order of General Chicken and Steamed Rice.
  • 1 Sonic Breakfast Burrito.
  • 1 plate of 54th Street Bar & Grill Chips and Salsa.
  • 3 Trips To Bob Evans for the Farmer’s Choice.
    • 6 eggs over easy.
    • 9 pieces of bacon.
    • 6 pancakes with syrup.
    • 3 orders of white toast.
  • 4 Slices of Northern Lights  Pepperoni Pizza.
  • 16 Pieces of Papa Johns Pineapple & Canadian Bacon Pizza.
    • 9 slices were hot, 7 slices were nuked in the microwave.
    • 1 boneless Hot Wing (it sucked. tossed the rest.)

Eating At Home:

Here is a list of things I actually ‘cooked’ at home. Not really cooking. It is more just me throwing something together quick cause I don’t want to eat fast food every night. God, looking at this list. I really need to eat better. I hate to see what my insides look like.

  • 6 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches.
  • 1 Rotisserie Chicken.
    • 1 side of mashed potatoes with beef gravy.
  • 1 Turkey and Cheese Sandwich on White Bread.
  • 8 Beef Hot Dogs.
  • 1 Plate of Spaghetti & Meat Sauce.
    • 2 slices of white bread.
  • 26 Valerian Root Pills.

Thanksgiving Dinner:

I was lucky enough to have two dinners. I usually stuffed myself silly during this holiday. I’ll break it down better what my mother prepared (11/25) and what my sister prepared (11/26)


  • 2 plates of:
    • Ham with ketchup (yep. I’m white trash.)
    • Creamed Corn.
    • Mashed Potatoes With Gravy.
    • Biscuit
    • 1 cherry pie slice.


  • Turkey
  • Carrots
  • Dressing
  • Ham
  • Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Assorted Cubed Cheese
  • Rolls.

Eating At Work:

Here is a list of the meals I consumed on break during work.

  • 15 slices of Pizza
    • 1 Slice of Cheese Pizza
    • 4 Slices of Pineapple and Canadian Bacon Pizza
    • 4 Slices of Pepperoni Pizza
    • 2 Slices of Buffalo Chicken Pizza
    • 4 Slices of Chicken Alfredo Pizza
  • 2 BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches.
    • 2 sides of macaroni and cheese
    • 2 sides of mashed potatoes and gravy
  • 4 Plates of Orange Chicken and General Chicken
    • 4 sides of steamed rice (8 sugars total on rice)
  • 4 Orders of Medium Spicy Beef Lo Mein (no vegetables, no oyster sauce)
  • 1 3 Piece Smoked Chicken Dinner (2 thighs, 1 leg)
    • side of mashed potatoes and gravy
    • side of baked beans
    • 1 yeast roll
  • 1 Breakfast Burrito (ham, green peppers, egg, cheese, salsa, sour cream)
  • 1 Sausage, Egg and Cheese Muffin
  • 1 Breakfast at Lunch
    • 2 eggs scrambled
    • 2 biscuits and gravy
    • 4 strips of bacon
    • 2 sausage links

Snacking At Work:

I snack. See?

  • 4 slices of Oven Roasted Turkey Breast.
  • 4 Pieces of Grilled Mediterranean Chicken.
  • 1 Smoked Chicken Thigh
  • 1 Slice of Turkey Sausage Pizza
  • 5 Oven Baked Chicken Strips with BBQ Sauce.
  • 1 Beef Little Smokie.
  • 4 Pieces of Chicken Fried Steak.
  • 1 Bag of Rold Gold Pretzels.
  • 1 Taste Test of Home Made BBQ Sauce.

And there you have it! This is the log for the month of November. I am one month away from finishing this project. Keep watching. I am hoping to have it posted right after the stroke of midnight! Happy new year!


November Stats – Part I: Drinks

Its November. It’s the month of being thankful for things. What am I thankful for? Beer and coffee. I am thankful for those things. I am also thankful for the logging I have done with the food and drinks I have consumed this year. It is something I am proud of. I am very excited about tally up a number of things and seeing exactly what I ate and drank. Some questions I have,

  1. How many beers did I have?
  2. How much coffee did I drink?
  3. How many times did I go to McDonald’s, Burger King, Popeye’s?
  4. How many servings of mashed potatoes did I eat?
  5. Donuts?
  6. Cookies?

That is just some. I am working and have a few months tallied up. I will not go through every item I ate and drank but I will log and show you the items I know I excessively eat and drink. I got one more month left. Hell, I have just two more nights before this year is up. I know this log is flawed. I know I didn’t capture everything I ate. I am sure there are some things I might have missed. But to look back and see it, I did a fantastic job. I can go and say that the log is 99% accurate. That is how sure I am with the crap I ate. Tomorrow is going to be the final day. I am hoping to be up at midnight, well at least somewhat sober at the time to post the final log for the year. To post the last of the ‘2010 food and drink log’. Too bad I can’t get famous for this. That’ll be awesome. Okay. Let’s get to the facts. Here are the results for the month of November. Here is everything I drank during the month of the Turkey.


This was a slow month for me and coffee. Normally, I drank over 60. This month I had 54. Let’s see how it all breaks down.

  • 7 of those coffees were from Quiktrip. I remember going here more than normal. It’s not the worlds greatest coffee but like I said before, coffee is coffee.
  • 23 of these were Caribou coffees.
    • 22 were small cups.
    • 1 was a larger cup. I have a thing against drinking from the larger cups at work. I like the smaller cups.
  • 4 were Starbucks. I have really cut back on the Starbucks trek. I can recall when I would go here everyday. I am not upset. I can honestly say, I prefer Caribou over Starbucks.
    • 3 were the large sizes. I like the large size Starbucks. I hate the small size. Funny how it’s reversed with coffee companies.
    • 1 was a small size. It was bought by a friend. Beggars can’t be choosers. Free coffee is just that. Free.
  • 9 were had at Bob Evans. Still looks right. I usually have about 3 cups per visit.
  • 11 were had at home. They were all Folgers.


This is just an essential item in my life. Maybe I drink too more soda. Maybe the amount of caffeine I have is the cause of my attacks. I could use this food log to see if I could change my habits next year. But thinking about it, I won’t. If I was aware all year of the amount of soda and coffee I drank so far and I haven’t cut back, I can be sure as hell I won’t do it next year. Aside from that, I had a total of 51 sodas. Oh, look! That was less than less month. I am doing great! Less coffee and less soda. I wonder what my beer will amount to!

45 of these were cokes. The cokes break down to,

  • 22 of these were had at work. Out of these,
    • 20 were 20 oz size styrofoam cups.
    • 2 were 10o oz size plastic cups.
  • 14 were cans of coke.
  • 2 were cokes in plastic cups had at our family’s Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • 3 were had at McDonald’s.
    • 2 were large sizes.
    • 1 was a medium size coke.
  • 3 were had at Chipotle
  • 1 was a large coke had at Burger King.

The remaining 6 were Pepsi.

  • 3 were had at Popeye’s.
  • 1 was had at Ming Garden.
  • 1 was had at Philly Time.
  • 1 was a can of Pepsi.


Ah…my vice. The one thing that I sometimes drink far too much of. Not very wise but I am hoping for a low number. If last month I had 65, I hope I drank less. That will mean this could be the healthiest month of the year. I know next month (December) will not be the lowest month for my alcohol intake. Believe me. I’ve looked it up already. For the month of November, I had a total of 43. Holy live failure, Batman! That is low. I really didn’t drink much this month. I don’t know why. Maybe I worked too much. I don’t know. But this is low number. I’ll have to check my graph and see it is really is the lowest month for drinking alcohol.

  • The total for the month, 43, were all Bud Lights.
    • 40 were Bud Light Bottles.
    • 3 were tall mugs had at the local bar.


This is the rest of the stuff I drank during the month of November.

  • 20 8 oz tumbler size waters.
  • 9 chocolate milk pints.
  • 5 Orange Juices.
    • 3 were had at Bob Evans.
    • 2 were 16 oz size minute maid juices.
  • 1 Strawberry Kiwi Hi-C

The end of another month. I am getting closer to the final blog. The food log will be up soon. It could be tonight or tomorrow. It really depends if I go to a friends house for a drink or 8. Hang tight.


October Stats – Part II: Food

To keep myself going, I am going to double up with two blogs. Today you’ll see October. Tomorrow, I will cover November. I am pretty upset with not keeping up with this in a time fashion. Normally, I could look at a day and seeing what I ate, I was able to tell what happened that day. After writing up everything I ate during this month, I didn’t eat very much. It’s strange. I eat everyday. I am constantly eating. For someone who says that, I don’t show it. Even with all my munching and snacking, I don’t gain a pound. A gift and a curse I guess. I really don’t want to be 80 and look like a twig. Don’t think that means I want to be the size of the Hindenburg. I just want to weigh more than my 7 year old nephew.


I had a total of 12 donuts during the month of October. Of these twelve donuts,

  • 7 were my favorite, maple cinnamon rolls.
  • 3 were chocolate long johns
  • 2 were munchkins (blueberry)


Cookies have become my downfall. I did eat less than I normally do. For this month, I had a total of 15. Let’s break it down and watch this cookie crumble…

  • 2 Berries and Cream Cookies.
  • 3 M&M Cookies.
  • 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • 2 Sugar Cookies.
  • 1 No Bake Cookie.
  • 2 Halloween Oreo Cookies.
  • 3 Nabisco Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Being October, it’s only right to eat pounds and pounds of candy. I bought a crap load of candy. I was smart to buy the candy I eat. I ended up getting a total of 3 or 4 trick or treaters. This just meant I was forced to eat the left overs. Eff Em Elle. I had a total of 17 pieces of candy. Note: I ate more of the candy during the month of November.

  • 2 Mini Caramel Candies.
  • 1 Bag of Skittles.
  • 7 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
    • 3 Large Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
    • 3 Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
      • 1 Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (Cream Style)
  • 2 Mini Baby Ruth.
  • 2 Butterfingers.
  • 2 Hot Tamales.
  • 1 Twix Bar


I noticed something. I didn’t eat a single bagel at all this month. I know, right? I love bagels. I guess I didn’t love them that month. No matter. I still ate enough muffins to cover the losses of the bagels. I had a total of 8 muffins in the month of October.

  • 6 of those muffins were blueberry.
    • 1 was a mini blueberry muffin.
    • 5 were jumbo blueberry muffins.
  • 1 was a peanut butter and Jelly muffin.
  • 1 was a cheddar and jalapeno muffin.

Other Random Treats:

I munched on more than just muffins and cookies. I nibbled on 9 other items.

  • 1 was a Caramel Chocolate Brownie.
  • 1 was a Jumbo Cinnamon Roll.
  • 2 were Strawberry Good Humor Ice Cream Bars.
  • 1 Mixed Berry Yogurt.
  • 1 Apple Cinnamon Loaf.
  • 3 Granola Bars.
    • 2 Chocolate Chip Granola Bars.
    • 1 Oat & Honey Granola Bar.

Dining Out:

Since I switched the set up of the food log, I better keep it the same. I used to section if off by breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This seemed to be a little easier. It’s hard to remember the time I ate everything. At least this way, I can tell right away if I had it at home, work, or at another establishment.

  • 3 Cold Cut Combos from Subway.
    • 2 bags of Sunchips (Monterey Jack and Sun Dried Tomato)
  • 1 plate of Venetian Pasta (penne pasta, Alfredo sauce, broccoli, chicken) at Tommy’s.
  • 6 Taco Bell Tacos
    • 2 plain, 3 with hot sauce, 1 with a mild sauce
  • 2 Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese Sandwiches
  • 2 20 Piece Chicken Nuggets
    • 4 BBQ Sauces, 2 Sweet & Sour Sauces
  • 2 3 piece Popeye’s Fried Chicken (6 thighs total)
    • 2 mashed potatoes and gravy
    • 2 biscuits
  • 1 Burger King Whopper With Cheese.
    • 1 side of onion rings
  • 3 Bob Evans Farmer Choice Breakfasts
    • 6 over easy eggs
    • 9 pieces of bacon
    • 6 pancakes with syrup
    • 3 orders of white toast
  • 2 Chick-Fila Deluxe Sandwiches.
  • 1 visit to Fookie’s Chinese Buffet
    • 1 orange chicken, 1 amazing chicken, 1 general chicken, 1 chicken and broccoli, 1 beef and broccoli

Eating At Work:

  • 2 Wraps
    • 1 Grilled Chicken Wrap
      • side of macaroni and cheese
    • 1 Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Wrap
      • side of tator tots
  • A total of 28 slices of Pizza
    • 2 Cheesesteak Pizzas
    • 6 Canadian Bacon & Pineapple Pizza
    • 3 Cheese Pizzas
    • 4 Chicken Alfredo Pizzas
    • 1 Italian Sausage Pizza
    • 8 Pepperoni Pizzas
    • 4 Buffalo Pizzas
  • 2 Medium Spicy Beef Lo Mein (no vegetables, no oyster sauce)
  • 4 Plates of Orange Chicken and General Tso Chicken
    • 4 orders of steamed rice (2 sugars per plate; 8 total)
  • 5 BBQ Pork Sandwiches
    • 3 sides of macaroni and cheese
    • 1 side of mashed potatoes with white country gravy
    • 1 side of baked beans
  • 2 Smoked Chicken Lunches (4 thighs, 1 leg)
    • 2 sides of baked beans
    • 2 sides of mashed potatoes with beef gravy
    • 2 yeast rolls
  • 1 Triple Decker Turkey Club (turkey, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, 3 slices bread)
  • 1 Grilled Turkey Club
    • 1 small bag of original fritos
  • 1 Sausage, Egg and Cheese Muffin

Eating At Home:

  • 5 Slices of Papa Johns Cheese Pizza
    • 3 hot and 2 nuked
    • 4 Papa Johns Cinnamon Sticks
  • 2 Chicken Ramen Noodles
  • 8 Beef Hot Dogs
  • 15 Slices of Northern Lights Pizza
    • 10 Cheese Pizzas
    • 5 Pepperoni Pizzas
    • 3 Northern Lights Breadsticks
  • 1 Plate of Spaghetti and Meatballs
    • 1 side of corn
  • 1 Bowl of Oatmeal (with brown sugar and butter)
  • 5 bags of fun size chips
    • 1 Cool Ranch Doritos
    • 1 Nacho Cheese Doritos
    • 3 Cheetos
  • 54 Valerian Root Pills

Friend’s Halloween Party:

I wasn’t sure where to put this. I wasn’t at home and it really wasn’t going out to eat. I was going out to drink. Which was a bad night. I might have puked up some of my insides. I’m still alive so whatever I puked up, I didn’t need.

  • Snacked on Pretzels (roughly 11 handfuls)
  • Snacked on Corn Chips (roughly 4 handfuls)
  • 3 Bacon Cheddar Wraps

Snacking At Work:

  • 1 piece of bacon
  • 3 sausage links
  • 5 popcorn chicken bites
  • 4 pieces of pretzel bread
  • 1 slice of american cheese
  • 2 goat cheese crackers
  • 1/2 yeast roll
  • 1/2 chicken strip
  • 5-8 Doritos Chips (new product! I tried all 3!)
    • First Degree Burn – Blazin’ Jalapeno
    • Second Degree Burn – Fiery Buffalo
    • Third Degree Burn – Scorchin’ Habanero
  • 1 Asiago Bread
  • 1 Cheddar & Jalapeno Bread
  • 1 meatball
  • 1 taste testing of duck (i hate it.)
  • 1 taste test of smoked chicken breast

And there is the list for October. Let’s see what November brings.


October Stats – Part I: Drinks

When I began this project, I was great at getting the information posted within a few days after the month. As of lately, I haven’t. I am 2 months behind. There is two days left of the year and I have to get this completed before the clock strikes 2011. Below is the list of what I drank during the month of October. There is one big change to my coffee drinking. The company I work for switched over to a new coffee brand. We once offered superior coffee. I liked it. Hell, I like coffee. It really doesn’t matter where the eff it comes from. Coffee is good. With the change, we now offer a top dollar brand. We proudly serve Caribou coffee. I like it. I can’t do the heavier coffee. Bold coffee or anything close to it, hurts my stomach. It gives me chest pains. I drink a lighter coffee they offer.To sum up the month of October,


I had a total of 68 coffees during the month of October. Most of the coffee I drink is at work. I do have coffee at home but I don’t drank it unless I am hungover (which is becoming a regular thing now) or I have a day off and wake up early enough to brew myself some.

  • 5 of these coffees were from Quiktrip. If my schedule at work alters from the normal, I head here for a cup to drink before we start brewing our own coffee at work. I am seldom here. But when you need coffee, you find yourself coffee.
  • 3 of these coffees were Starbucks. As I said earlier, we switched our coffee at work to a better, more upscale coffee. We have a Starbucks in our store. I don’t need that much coffee. This is a pretty low number compared to the previous amount of Starbucks I normally drink.
  • Another 3, were Folger’s coffee I brewed at home. I do love those instant bags of coffee.
  • 8 were had at Bob Evans.
  • 49 coffees were had at work.
    • Of those, 37 were Caribou coffees.
    • The other 12 were the old coffee my store once offered.


I had at total of 58 sodas during the month of October. That’s a little more than the previous month but judging by how much I drink each month, it’s a safe and average number. Of that soda,

  • 55 were cokes.
    • 28 were had at work.
      • 1 was a 12 oz styrofoam cup
      • 27 were my normal 20 oz styrofoam cups.
    • 14 were cans of coke
    • 2 were the plastic 20 oz. bottles of coke
    • 3 were large cokes I had at the movies (Soul To Take, Paranormal Activity 2, Saw 3D)
    • 8 were from dining out
      • 2 were from a local restaurant (Tommy’s)
      • 3 were form McDonald’s
      • 2 were from Subway
      • 1 was from Burger King
  • 3 were Pepsi’s.


This is really a bad habit I need to break. I like drinking. I just find myself drinking more excessively these last few months. It is almost 2011. I guess I could make a resolution. I say that now but I won’t. Anyway, for the month of October, I had a total of 65 alcoholic drinks. Oh, look! That’s one less than September! I guess I am cutting back!

  • 56 of these beverages were Bud Light
    • 52 were bud light bottles.
    • 2 were tall mugs at a local bar.
    • 2 were bud light cans (I hate cans!)
  • 8 were Budweiser bottles.
  • 1 was a miller light can.


I drank a total of 6 juices in October.

  • 3 were orange juices had at Bob Evans.
  • 3 were minute maid juices drank at work.
    • 1 cranberry grape juice
    • 1 cranberry apple raspberry juice
    • 1 orange juice


Here is the rest of the crap I drank during the month of October.

  • 5 chocolate milk pints
  • 1 chick-fila lemonade
  • 27 8oz tumblers of fresh H20.