Candy Crush Is Not Allowed In My Apartment

Many things on the internet are evil. We have websites, social networking sites, and the infinite number of games that are readily available for you to download on your smart devices or play on your next generation game console. I have an iDevice. Actually, I have two iDevices. Not related to the topic on hand (which is okay cause I ramble on like a recently single woman does with her group of catty bitches) but I own the iPhone and the iPad, both I cherish more than my family and the small number of friends I have.

On these smart devices, I have apps I use rarely and I have apps that I use frequently. I have numerous games that I play daily, some I play weekly, and other games I only downloaded because they were free. Nothing keeps me entertained than defeating invading forces, killing zombies, solving questions about common knowledge trivia, or naming that tune about current pop hits. I only know the currently popular songs because I am in sync with today’s culture and all the current trends, no matter how cra cra they are.

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Facebook Is Evil & It Will Consume Your Soul

Facebook is evil. It’s a horrible place and it will ruin you. This is not an opinion piece. This is not just me talking out my ass and saying things just for a laugh. I am speaking the truth. I am telling you how it is and how Facebook is not a place for entertainment or catching up with people. It will pull you in and it will use all its’ power to keep you there, grasping on to you tightly until you are no longer a person but just another number to Matt Zuckerberg. You are now a statistic. Congratulations.

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Five Iphone Apps I Use Daily

I don’t know what I would do without my Iphone. It’s my personal assistant. I use it constantly. Be it to play a game, send a tweet, or maybe correct someone who is obviously a bad speeler. I admit it. I am an app fiend. I have way too many. I have 200+ apps. Not all are on my phone. That would be ludicrous. I have thought of putting them all on it though. Afraid it’ll bog down my phone so I don’t. Currently, my phone itself has 152 apps. That isn’t including the already installed (stock, youtube, safari, maps, etc…) apps. A majority of them are me testing them. If it’s free, I’ll get it. You never know when I might need to know when my next period will occur. Out of all those apps, all the games, the utilities, the educational ones, here is a list of apps I use daily.

5. Echofon

It is my access to my twitter account. I constantly check it. My brother recommends Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck is nice. It will post a tweet or status report simultaneously to both facebook and twitter. I use it but not often. Echofon was the first twitter app I found and it is still the only one I prefer to use. Is it the best? No. But this isn’t a review on which apps are the best or even a review on the apps themselves. As for who I follow? To name a few – @wilw, @theellenshow, @wescraven, @actuallyNPH, and @collegehumor. You can follow me too. @kirkdunst

4. Facebook

Who doesn’t have a facebook? Sure the app lacks the capability to watch facebook videos, play mafia wars, farmville, wastingyourlifeawayville, or the countless other click a button games. I am not a facebook whore. I was once. But not too much now. Being a social networking loser, it’s important to have this on any phone. How often do I use this each day? I rather not say. But it can be very captivating. I am happy to see who found a lonely pink cow or cleaned my farm I don’t touch. Things like that are very important. If I didn’t use my facebook app daily, I’ll never know what friends character I am.

3. Notepad

I know, I know. This is a already out of the box app. E double f you. But it is an app I use everyday. Since I log everything I eat or drink, I need to quickly log it. What better way than using this? Sadly, or maybe more of something quite extraordinary, but I have every note still on my phone since day one of this year. Yeah, I know. I rule.

2. Checkbook

I never was very good at keeping track of my bank account. I’ll check it out every so often online, get an idea of my funds and go merrily on my way. My sister was the one who turned my on to this app. It’s a nice app too. A couple taps here and instantly, I got my bank account at my fingertips. I go to McD’s, order my food, and as I stand waiting, I entered in the amount I spent. Never will I have to experience the horror of seeing the word, declined light up at the register.

1. We Rule

The newest game I have became quite enthralled in. Since I posted my review on the game, it has been got a bug fix update and added a new building (barn) and more crops to harvest (broccoli, eggplant, asparagus…). I know I bashed the farmville crap and mafia wars mania above but this game is just so damn addicting. Some people I know move away to dabble in narcotics and booze, I for one use a friendly, not to mention, free game to get my fix. Check it out. It’s awesome.

Other apps I use but not daily,





Bam Analytics

Babel Rising

White Pages