What I saw when I went running

I am running again. I felt bad because for a little over a month, I stopped. I don’t know why. I just stopped running and when I thought about it, I would put it off till later in the day and the later part of the day never did come. So for a little over a month, all those days of running and all those miles I put in, seemed to be just a waste. I needed to get back to running and keep doing what I recently became to enjoy. Then, out of the blue and for no reason, I got myself off my ace and went for a run.

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Goal Achieved – 500 Miles

Back at the end of May, I ran a total of 229 miles. Just shy of 230 miles. I am now happy to report that today, (09/04/12) I accomplished another unwritten goal on my list. I reached 500 miles of running! While there are many people out there who have run many more miles than I have, I am not competing with them nor am I looking to beat the miles they’ve logged already. I am justĀ ecstatic that I am still running and haven’t hung up my boots because like many projects and goals I have, I give up on them.

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I Discovered Running

If you were to ask me a year ago what I planned on for the future, I wouldn’t have said anything about running. I would have never considered the idea of not smoking or even putting on a pair of Nike’s and pulling a Forrest Gump. Here I am though. It is a new year and with a new year, comes resolutions. We all make them. We all say we’ll do this and do that. But how often do people actually stick with it? I know I never have. I know I have said plenty of times that I would try this and try that but after a week of being a person that I am not, I drop that silly resolution and go back to being the normal, immature person that I am.

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