Facebook Is Evil & It Will Consume Your Soul

Facebook is evil. It’s a horrible place and it will ruin you. This is not an opinion piece. This is not just me talking out my ass and saying things just for a laugh. I am speaking the truth. I am telling you how it is and how Facebook is not a place for entertainment or catching up with people. It will pull you in and it will use all its’ power to keep you there, grasping on to you tightly until you are no longer a person but just another number to Matt Zuckerberg. You are now a statistic. Congratulations.

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I Got Rhythm But I Don’t Got Soul.

I tend to lose things all the time. I constantly lose pens at work and lose them in my car. Being that the pens are in my car, they aren’t really lost. They’re just misplaced. Somewhere beneath the piles of paper, empty bags, and junk mail, my pen(s) are just waiting for me to hold them tight and tell them everything is going to be okay. I have a thing for pens. It’s not a sexual thing. It’s not some quick fix I need to battle my cocaine habit. I don’t even do cocaine. If I did, I wouldn’t tell you. Then again, if I did have a cocaine habit, that would be the first thing I would say. I am running off track here. Enough about my non-exist habit.

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