Random Email From A Random Girl

I received an email earlier today from a gal a never met. According to her, we have. I read the email and after I finished, I came to the conclusion that her and I are meant to be with eachwebcamother. I haven’t contacted Adriana yet. I hope this isn’t fake. I really think this may be true love. I really think I have a shot with this wonderful girl. She seems level-headed and has a strong career. If it doesn’t work out between her and I, you’re welcome to try. Here is the email she sent me today. I was thinking about editing her mistakes and the poor grammar but I think it shows character. I think that is the thing that drew me towards her. If this was a spam email, you really think they would lace it with spelling errors and such? I highly doubt it. A human wrote this. A sexy, ready to dominate me, gal wrote this. I need to act fast. I don’t want to miss out on this. I am in love. I just hope she is too. True love or is she pulling the wool over my eyes?


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The FBI is going to arrest me

I think my life of crime is catching up to me. The FBI isn’t taking it lightly and before the month, possibly the week is up, I will be arrested the FBI. I was FBIunaware that after 25+ years the FBI was watching me. They are not going to let me go. I will need to pay for my crime and will face the judge and the jury. If you have ever stolen a candy bar from a grocery store, you too may be on their list. I was 4 years old and swiping that snickers off the shelf, started my life of crime and put me on the FBI’s most wanted list. If you don’t believe me then read the following e-mail. All this for stealing a candy bar. Looks like my life is over.

The email has not been altered in any way. I received this today. If you got the same email, let me know. I want to know how deep the Bureau is going to capture all of us.

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I’m 6.5 Million Dollars Richer!

Everyone is saying that there are no more good people in this world. I beg to differ. I received an email from Mrs. Christabel Williams. She is 62 years old and she is dying. Reading the email brought me to tears. She is someone we all need to strive to be like. The email showed me that there are still generous people in this world. I am going to share you the email she sent me and the large sum of money she is leaving me. Of all the 7 billion people in the world, Christabel thought of me. Why am I so special? What made her pick me? Do I really deserve the money she’s offering me to fulfill her plans of doing God’s work?

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