Halloween Costumes: 1998-2001

My favorite holiday is coming up quickly. That holiday is none other than, Halloween. When I was younger, it was all about the candy. It’s a simple holiday. You dress up, knock on someone’s door, and BAM! You get free candy. It’s mind-boggling. My sisters and I would grab a pillow case and by the time we arrived home, it would be full of candy bars, pixie sticks, suckers, and gum. Not to mention, the horrible people who handed out worthless crap, like stickers or .25 toys. Not offense. I am out for candy, not garbage. I don’t know how long we would stay out. I am sure when Halloween fell on a Friday or a Saturday, it was an all night event. Any other day, we had to get home early. You know, school. Arriving home, was just as exciting as the journey we took collecting the sugary bounty. My sisters and I would lie on the floor and dump what seemed like endless amounts of candy on the living room floor. We divvy it up. We’d trade snickers for butterfingers and whoppers for gum. Even trades for the candies we liked. The candy would last us months. I liked to stash my candy in my dresser drawers. Grab a pair of socks and grab a milky way while I am at it. I ate way too much candy when I was younger. Now a days, I hardly eat it. I do get the sudden urge for a candy bar but it’s rare.

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