Nature Calls

We all have had this problem before. You’ve had a few too many drinks and now you need to use the facilities. You’re not home and the only place you have is the public restroom. What do you do!? You’re scared. Don’t worry. I am too. I’ve talked before about my fear of the public restrooms. There is something dirty about knowing that I am about to pee freely among other men. I hate restrooms. I will do all I can to not use them but sometimes I have to. Sometimes, nature calls and won’t stop till I answer.

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Women are the reason for everything!

Women can complain all they want about who is the root of all evil. While men have their faults, their faults are because of one thing. We were just chillin’ in the garden. Our twig and berries flying about. Not a care in the world. God figured,

Hey, you look lonely. How about another person to keep you company.

It didn’t take much convincing. Even if you were against it, it’s God. God had the final day. So God gives us woman. A hot, sexy little thing that will be there when were bored. All is cool. We fool around.

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A Quick Glance

Since I lost a few posts, I am going to repost them. Enjoy this¬†hysterical¬†joke. Really. You’re going to laugh till your sides hurt.


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