Candy Crush Is Not Allowed In My Apartment

Many things on the internet are evil. We have websites, social networking sites, and the infinite number of games that are readily available for you to download on your smart devices or play on your next generation game console. I have an iDevice. Actually, I have two iDevices. Not related to the topic on hand (which is okay cause I ramble on like a recently single woman does with her group of catty bitches) but I own the iPhone and the iPad, both I cherish more than my family and the small number of friends I have.

On these smart devices, I have apps I use rarely and I have apps that I use frequently. I have numerous games that I play daily, some I play weekly, and other games I only downloaded because they were free. Nothing keeps me entertained than defeating invading forces, killing zombies, solving questions about common knowledge trivia, or naming that tune about current pop hits. I only know the currently popular songs because I am in sync with today’s culture and all the current trends, no matter how cra cra they are.

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