Noises Heard In The Sky

Have you gone outside lately and listened to your surroundings? You haven’t!? Do me a favor and go outside. Listen to the world around you. Do you hear anything? Maybe some sirens wailing in the distance. Maybe the humming of air conditioning units. Possibly something more loud. You’ll know it when you hear it. It’s loud. Very loud. Don’t pass it off as nothing or just kids shooting off fireworks. That’s what people want you to believe. Step out of your comfort zone and have an opened mind.

You should make note the next time you hear a loud boom go off around your area. What was just a rare occurrence is now becoming a global enigma. No one can quite put their finger on what is causing these noises. We can all speculate whatever we want. It might be the fireworks mentioned above or maybe these sounds are not of this world. Maybe they are government related controlled. I dug around the web for any information on it. Below are some “facts” I have collected. Below is what I believe is going on. We are not alone. We know it. The government knows it. None of this will matter come December 21, 2012. We’ll be gone. Earth will be no more.

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