What I saw when I went running

I am running again. I felt bad because for a little over a month, I stopped. I don’t know why. I just stopped running and when I thought about it, I would put it off till later in the day and the later part of the day never did come. So for a little over a month, all those days of running and all those miles I put in, seemed to be just a waste. I needed to get back to running and keep doing what I recently became to enjoy. Then, out of the blue and for no reason, I got myself off my ace and went for a run.

It killed me. I failed to stretch first before I went out for my run. I shouldn’t have gone for that long of run. When I first started running in January, I ran a mile. I was new to running and if I was going to keep running, I didn’t and wasn’t going to start off with a 8 mile run. I started off slow. I ran a mile a day for 30 days. It was after that, I was sure that running more than a mile wouldn’t hurt and it would be easy. It was. It was very easy and soon, I was running 6 miles.

Running Blow JobSix miles is what I usually run. I have gone longer but my usual runs are 6 miles. It’s a loop. From my home to there and back, it’s a little over 6 miles. I think it’s like 6.10 or something. Being that I was idle and didn’t run for a little of a month, I shouldn’t have gone out for a six mile run. I know stretching is a big part in preparing to run but I didn’t. I just tossed on my shoes and went out. I think I was just upset with myself for slacking on the running that I just wanted to get out there and get myself back to running and back to feeling good about myself. What was also a bad idea was doing a full six miles. I should have started off slow like when I first started. But I didn’t. Again, it was my pride and my ego that got the best of me. I reached a mile and was winded. I thought about turning around and making it just a two mile run but I couldn’t. I had to keep going. When I hit 2 miles, I said the same thing. I kept arguing with myself about it. Why am I still going when I can feel the agonizing pain in my legs and quads? Just turn around and head home. This isn’t worth it, dude. You can start off slow and after a while, you can go back to your normal six miles.


Nope. I ran the six and like I said, I felt it. I felt it for 2 days and again, I was about ready to call it quits for a while till my legs felt better. It would have been like that if an old friend didn’t message me on Facebook and bring up my lack of running posts. Nice to see that someone noticed my slacking on the whole running bit.

You still running? Haven’t see you post up in a while..If not this is your motivation!

It was motivating. He got me to run the next day. I was still sore and really thought that one more day would be good. But we all know what happens when we say ‘one more day‘. It’s always one more day. But not for me. I was not going to put this off again. I will run. I will get back to running and hopefully my time will get back to where it normally is. So, yeah. I didn’t mention that. The day I went back to running, my time was horrible. It was over an hour and that was very discouraging. It was expected. I knew that after being away from running for so long, I wasn’t going to be reaching new records or sticking to what I normally run, which is about 45 minutes.

So…to what I saw that Friday afternoon. I am running my normal route, running along to my amazing and well planned out playlist. I pass a white SUV and not too far down from that car, I run past a police patrol car. The cop is sitting in the squad car, a radar gun hanging out the window. Don’t worry. I was speeding when I ran passed him. I think I am fast but I am not that fast. I’m not Usain Bolt fast. I look for traffic and with the coast clear, I run across to the other side of the track. I speed around the track. Still not as fast as I want to be. I did do better than the previous day of running. It wasn’t a big difference but I did shave off a few minutes. Hopefully, within a week or two, I’ll be back to my normal pace. I see the normal people I usually run by. There is the man with his dog. I see the hot soccer mom with the tight shorts and those legs that just make me get weak in my knees. She’s hot. I mean, she is HOT! She is the one perk I love seeing when I run. I don’t always see her but when I do, it’s heavenly.

I reach the half way point. I want to stop running but that guy with the dog encouraged me to keep running. I’ve said it before but sometimes when I see someone or if I run by them, I need to keep running. I don’t want them to think that I walk more than I run. So I run. I keep running. The patrol car from earlier is leaving. The sirens turn on and he is off to catch the bad guys. I am still in view of the man with the dog. I can’t stop and walk. I must keep running. I run till I reach the street. I need to cross but cars are coming from both directions. Least this is giving me a chance to rest and catch a well needed breath. I walk across the road. I reach the other side and check my time.

Not that great. But I will keep going. I need to keep my chin up and keep my eyes on the prize. Oh, speaking of keeping I recall seeing a man in the driver’s seat. Well, he wasn’t alone. There was someone else in the car with him. Sitting in the passenger seat was his lady friend. I don’t recall seeing her there when I ran by the car earlier. Maybe she was. Memory eludes me. But she was there now. Although, when I ran by the car this time, a head came popping up from below the seat. It was her head. Her hair is all disheveled. She wipes her mouth clean and fixes her hair. It was like someones hands were running through her hair and keeping her head in a position just about the height of a man’s pelvic area.

If I have to guess, I believe the man in the white SUV was getting a little somethin’ somethin‘ from the lady with the messy hair and the dirty mouth. You can use your imagination as to what was going on in that car that Friday afternoon I decided to run. I run to relieve stress. He just releases stress.


You ever see something strange when you have went out running? See something you wish you never saw? Drop me a comment below and let me know the strange things you’ve seen when you have gone out running. If it’s anything like what I saw, I’d love to know! 

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