September Stats – Part I: Drinks

Like before, I am behind in updating the stats. I really need to knock these out. We only have two more months left in the year. I was planning on doing a 6 months stat of what I drank and ate but that never happened. Hopefully, I can do it for the whole year. I am extremely proud that I have kept this up. I thought I would fail midway through. Someone I worked with said I would only last 2 or 3 months before I stopped. I proved her wrong. I thought I would make it at least 6 months, maybe 8. I do slack on logging the food and drinks now. Every night before bed I would log the food into outlook. For the past 2 weeks, I don’t do it till the next day. I just have to change the date settings on the computer to make sure it is logged correctly. It would be a disaster if I was off by one day. Everything would be ruined. I bet you’re asking yourself right now, ‘what did Kirk drink the month of September?’. Okay. I’ll tell you.


During the month of September, I had a whopping total of 62 coffees. That’s a little less than the month of August. It seems like a normal average of mine. Anywhere between 50-70 coffees a month. I don’t think I have ever hit 70 coffees though.

  • 6 of those were Starbucks coffee. I have toned down a lot on Starbucks coffee. The last month (October) will explain the reason why I really don’t drink Starbucks anymore. I am not saying I don’t drink it but another alternative has fallen into my lap.
    • 2 were Starbucks via coffees.
    • 3 were large Starbucks coffees.
    • 1 was a small Starbucks coffee.
  • 1 was a QT coffee.
  • 1 was a Caribou Coffee.
  • 6 were from my friend, Bob Evans.
  • 10 were Folgers Coffees.
  • The rest were at work. I had a total of 38 coffees.

I love coffee way too much. I don’t think I drink the most out of anyone. But it is my normal drink in the morning when I arrive at work. Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee at 5am.


I still drink soda. I still call it soda. I had 54 sodas during the month of September. Still sounds like a decent number. I am still a stickler for Pepsi and Coke. It would be a rare occurrence if you saw another soda on the list.

  • 51 of those were Coke.
    • 20 were cans of coke.
    • 1 was a plastic 20 oz. bottle of coke.
    • 21 of those were had at work.
    • 5 of those were from McDonald’s
      • 2 medium sizes.
      • 3 large sizes.
    • 1 from Popeye’s.
    • 1 from the Clean Place.
    • 1 was from a Biscuit Place out in North Carolina. (Biscuitville)
    • 1 was from Burger King.
  • The last 3 were Pepsi’s.
    • 1 was from Popeye’s.
    • 1 was had at Pizza Street.
    • 1 was from (if you’re ever in Kansas City, check it out!) Philly Time


I was looking at the month of June. I don’t know what happened that month. I barely drank. It was like 25.  The month of September, I had 66! Less than the previous month (77 in August). I am scared to see what October brings. I feel like I am drinking more and more every day. So long, Liver. You were a good friend.

  • 60 were Bud Lights. My favorite beer. I drink others but I choose this. Breaking it down more,
    • 10 were cans of Bud Lights. Not a fan of cans. But you take what you get.
    • 43 were long neck bottles.
    • 5 were from 54 Street Bar and Grill.
      • 3 tall mugs.
      • 2 small mugs.
    • 2 were had at another bar. I cannot recall the name. I was sober. I just don’t recall the name.
  • 2 were Natty Greene’s Wildflower. A pub and brewery out in North Carolina.
  • 2 cans of Milwaukee’s Best.
  • 2 were Budweiser Bottles.


I had 10 juices during the month of September. Two more than last month. It is about an average number for the amount of juices I drink per month. Breaking it down for ya!

  • 1 was a Capri Sun Fruit Punch. Not sure if it’s really a juice but since the package says juice. I am going with juice.
  • 1 was a Minute Maid Cranapple Raspberry Juice.
  • 8 were Orange Juices.
    • 2 were From Bob Evans.
    • 5 were tall glasses of Minute Maid Orange Juices.
    • 1 was a crappy canned orange juice I had on the plane.


I still take my Valerian Root pills. I doubt they do anything but it is one of those things I do now just because it is becoming a habit. I had a total of 25 waters that month.

  • 18 were 8 oz. tumbler size waters. This is what I drink whenever I take the pills.
  • 3 were tall glass bottles of water.
  • 1 was a 20 oz. styrofoam water I had at work. I was probably having an attack and needed something to calm me down. I don’t recall. Maybe I was just thirsty.
  • 1 was an aquafina 8 oz. plastic bottle.
  • 2 were 10 oz. cups of water I had at work. Again, probably more attacks. I don’t just drink water cause I like the taste of it.


Other crap I drank this month.

  • 1 10oz. lemonade.
  • 7 chocolate milk pints.
  • 1 Reese’s Shake*

*Not sure if you would consider this a food item or a drink item. It came in a cup. You got a straw. So it’s drink. But technically, you eat it. What do you think? Food or beverage?

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