Project Kevin Bacon

With the year coming to end and my project as well, I feel I need to do something different for the new year. I love watching movies and watch them just about every day now. Most of the movies I watch now aren’t big budget flicks and don’t have well known actors in them. A few days ago I thought of a great idea to not only entertain me but also give you the readers something to look forward to every month. The title of this post says it all. It’s about movies and it’s loosely about Kevin Bacon.

I am going to play a year long game of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon“. If you do not know what the game is, it’s quite simple. A person gives you a name of an actor or actress. It is up to you to get to Kevin Bacon in the shortest number of links possible. In my version, I am going to pick two actors. For instance,

There will be a few rules I have to follow when playing the game.

1) I have till the end of the month to connect them.

2) I have to watch movies and pick out an actor in that movie to move on with the link.

3) I pick an actor and the first movie that comes to mind, I have to watch it.

4) There is no back tracking. If I goof up, I must move on with the actors at my disposal in the movie I selected.

5) No checking out IMDB (internet movie database).

6) I cannot already plan the movies I watch.

7) I cannot use the same actor twice.

8) I cannot watch the same movie twice.

After I solve the connection, I will post the movies I watched and explain how I made the connections. Let’s say I had to solve Vincent Price & Matthew McConaughey. I already connected these both today but…

Vincent Price was in “Edward Scissorhands” with

Winona Ryder who was in “BettleJuice” with

Catherine O’Hara who was in “Nightmare Before Christmas” with

Paul Reubens who was in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” with

Donald Sutherland who was in “A Time To Kill” with Matthew McConaughey

That may not be the shortest link possible but that is okay. If I was to pick another actor, say, Jeffery Jones (Bettlejuice) instead of Catherine O’Hara, I would have an entirely different set of movies I would be watching.

Vincent Price was in “Edward Scissorhands” with

Winona Ryder who was in “BettleJuice” with

Jeffery Jones who was in “Ferris Buller’s Day Off” with

Alan Ruck who was in “Speed” with

Sandra Bullock who was in “A Time To Kill” with Matthew McConaughey

The actor I connected to, will be the actor I begin the next month with. When I come to December, I will have to connect that actor back to the actor I started the year with. Sounds easy, right? I will discuss the project more toward the end of next month. As of now, it is an idea. Let’s hope I can accomplish this.

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