A Short Story – The Other Me: The Finale

Here is the ending to the short story.

Kent, Kenny and another officer went upstairs to the room where David was killed. “See Kent, I told you a complete mess.” Officer Kenny looked around. The body of David was still of the floor. His hand still clutching the bed sheet. Blood was splattered on the walls and dark red stains were soaked up in the carpet. The body of David Stone had a total of ten wounds in him. Each one the nail was sticking out. A nail was even sticking out of his what use to be his left eye.  “What are these kids doing today?” Kent asked himself.

“Well sir.” Kenny said. “Since tat movie Scream came out, teen homicide has risen.” John Kenny shook his head in sadness. “Those kind of movies make me sick.”

“What kind of person would do this?” asked Officer Kenny. Kenny took a few pictures of the scene for file. He walked over to Officer Robert Edwards. “Hey Bob”, as everyone called him. “Really what kind of person would do this?”

“A really sick person. Kent you have any clue who did this?” asked Officer Bob. Kent got up and walked over to the other two officers. “I know who did this.” He said.

“Who?” asked Officer Kenny. He was totally shocked that Kent figured it out with such little evidence. “We don’t need to look for now Steve Beker, but we do need to visit our friend, Pit Weston.”

“Him? Are you sure?” asked Officer Edwards. Kent smiled. “ He killed three people. All of them have no relations to each other. First we have the story he told us. He said Dewey and him had a fight and Dewey stormed out and walked home. We got a call from a student at their school who overheard Pit talking about stopping by the woods to show Dewey something. There is our major clue. They had no fight. They never even went to the store. Pit took him to the woods by his house and killed him there. That is are second death. Then we have David Stone. He lives right next door to Dewey. Why he killed David, I am unsure. This kid is the killer.” Officer Kenny butted in.

“What about the other killing? You say there was three killings. Who is the third?”

Kent put him finger in the air and caught a breath. “I was getting to that. About a mile from Pit’s house, a Nancy Larson was found dead. She was also brutally murdered. A neighbor of hers called us telling us he saw a truck pull up to her house and saw a person enter and leave through the back door.” Kent took a second breath. “I wan this kid watched. We cannot take him in till we have a stronger case. I want to catch him in the act.”

Mrs. Stone walked into the room stilled dressed in her curlers and nightgown. “Have you caught the killer yet?” she asked them.

“No I am sorry, we haven’t. It appearances that he was using an alias. There is no Steve Beker.” Kent told her the upsetting news.

“So the killer is still out there? He can strike again and kill more people? How long are you going to let this go on before you stop it?” for a woman of her appearance, she was actually very smart.

“Ma’am, do you our did your son know a Pit Weston or a Dewey Weiss?” Kent was hoping she would say yes and give him more reason to pull Pit in to custody.

“I know Dewey Weiss. David and him are friends. But that Pit kid, I have never heard of him. Are you saying that Pit and Dewey are the killers?” she was shocked and amazed that someone close to her was no more then a psychopathic killer.

“Well Mrs. Stone three people are dead, one being a woman, another being your son and the other being Dewey Weiss. We are certain that Pit Weston is the one behind all of it. I was hoping you could help us in this case with an insight about the kid, but you can’t.”
Pit was at home packing up his clothes inside a suitcase, ready to leave town. David Stone was dead and now his mom will be all right. He was ready to leave town to work on the mission. “Pit.” The voice said. “Pit, you know you cannot leave yet. It’s Kent. We need to get rid of him, before he gets rid of you.” The voice told Pit.

Pit didn’t bother to ask questions. He was already aware of Kent and who he was. “I know he is here to kill me. I’ll get him in the woods. There I will hide, and when the timing is right, I’ll cut his throat.” Pit was getting darker and darker. He wasn’t relying on the voice for help. It would be only a matter of time before Pit had no real feelings for anything. It would soon be time for Pit to be no longer Pit, but in a way become the voice.

Pit walked out of the room and walked into his mom’s room. “Hello mom. I’ll be back later. Is that alright?” he asked her.

“No Pit. I want you to stay here. I never see you anymore. Besides, I don’t want anything happening to you, like what happen to that Weiss kid.” She said.

“But mom, I need to go. It is important!” Pit pleaded with his mom. His mom still said no. “Pit I am telling you for the last time, now get in your room and stay there for the night!” she yelled for the first time in a long time.

Pit didn’t take to kindly to her demands. “Mom, it is time you learned who is in charge now.” Pit pulled out a kitchen knife he had in his backpack and went for his mom. “Pit!” she screamed. Pit stuck the knife into her chest ten times. It took only twice to kill her, but the power he had inside him, he continued just to see the blood and hear the sound of the knife entering and leaving human flesh. “What did you do Pit? You spent all this time trying to save her, and now look?” the voice said.

“Shut up. I don’t need you anymore. You told me to be strong. Now leave me be or I will get you out of my head.” The voice went away in a flash. Pit was now all alone. He left his house and made his way towards the woods, where he knew Kent would go. This would be the final showdown. Pit will finally meet his match.

“Okay Mrs. Stone, now can you tell us what he looked like?”

Kent had a pad of paper ready and was ready for what she had to say.  “Well he was a white kid, I know that.”

“His hair color? What color was his hair?” Kent asked her as he wrote down that the killer was a white teen.

“I’m not sure, he was wearing a hat. I do know that he had black eyes. It was funny though, his eyes were black, pure black.” She took a puff form a cigarette.

“You should quit.” Kent said to her. He smiled and so did she. “Well Mrs. Stone, I am sure this will help. Thank you for your help. And I very sorry for your lose. Take care.” Kent gave her a hug and left. He sat in the patrol car with Edwards and Kenny. “Weston is our only suspect, who else could it be?” Kent was again radioed. “Kent this is Officer Dean. We saw Weston leave. Do you want us to follow him?” he asked Kent.

“No. That is all right, I have an idea of where he is going. Put out an APB just in case. If anyone does see him, I want him brought in, no questions asked.” Kent took a left on vine and made another left on Rockland. “I am going to need an officer or two more at the place where we found the Weiss kid.” Kent turned off the radio and made his way down the street to the wooded area. “Look! There is his truck. You want us to go after him?” asked Officer Edward.

A red truck sat empty outside the wooded area. It had a personalized plate saying ‘CAMLJKY’. “”Edwards head in the woods. Remember to be on your guard. If Pit is in there, he is probably waiting for us. Be very careful.” Kent handed Edwards his gun watched as he disappeared in the woods. “Hey Sargent, you have any idea why this kid killed those people?”  Officer Kenny asked him.

Kent shrugged his shoulders. “I have no clue. But kids these day do so many things that no one can explain” Kent told Kenny.  It was less than five minutes when they heard two gun shoots go off. “What the hell is going on in there? We’re going in.” Kent and Officer Kenny grabbed their guns and ran into the woods. “We split up. You go that way, and I’ll go this way. If you see him, shoot him. I want this bastard dead.” John Kenny understood and he made his way down the path to the open field where they found Dewey a few days ago.

Kent walked down the opposite path, walking farther into the woods. It got darker and darker, with each step. Kent walked down the path. He walked as quietly as he could. From the trees, a rock came flying, hitting Kent in the back of the head, and knocking him to the ground. “Nice shoot, kid.” As Kent got up, he found his other officer. Edwards was lying on the ground with a kitchen knife sticking out of his back. “You bastard! Where are you? Lets do this face to face!” Kent taunted to Pit to get him to a clear shot. “You’re a coward Pit. A coward.” Kent was hoping that the threats would draw Pit to the open.

“You’ll never catch me Sargent. I am too smart for you.” Pit laughed and tossed another rock, hitting Kent in the arm.

“Get down here now Pit! I want to talk to you!” Kent aimed his gun to the trees, looking for Pit, but found nothing.

“I wouldn’t piss me off Kent. My mother did that and she got what she had coming. You don’t want to die like her, do you? Or do you want to die like your friend over there?” Pit laughed again and again. He found all of this funny.

“God is going to be pleased with me. I have done such good work.” Pit continued. “Once I finish you off, I will be able to continue what I started.” Pit made his way into Kent’s view.

“What do you mean by God will be pleased?” Kent had no clue what Pit was talking about.  “Your crazy Pit.”

“You see Sargent. God picked me out of all these other people to save the world. But you are trying to stop me. I am trying to give us ever-lasting life, but you are trying to stop it.”

Kent cocked the gun. “Pit your not saving anyone when all you do is kill people. It won’t give you, me, or anyone else ever-lasting life.”  Kent tried his best to get through to Pit, but nothing was working.

“No! You’re trying to trick me. I cannot let you do that.” Pit yelled louder and louder, getting the attention of Officer Kenny, who was now on his way over to Kent’s side.

“Pit give me the gun and we’ll get you some help. I want you to give me the gun. I promise I won’t hurt you.” Kent tried again, but still Pit refused.

“You’re lying! You kind of people do that. You lie to us then take advantage of us!” Pit stepped back to the tree.

“Kill him Pit!” his voice said. Pit got angry and started hitting his head. Kent and Kenny watched as he began to fight with himself.

“”Leave me alone! I am in charge in here. You made me who I am. Now get out of my head!” Pit yelled back.

“I am the one Pit. I was just using you. Now finish the job. We have more missions to complete.” The voice said to Pit.

“Leave me alone! I told you I am in charge.” Pit was losing it.

“What is he doing?” asked Kenny to Kent.

“I have no clue. I have no clue.” Kent responded,

“I am in charge of you Pit. Without me, you will be nothing!” the voice yelled back to Pit.

“I’m in charge! Now if you don’t shut up, I’ll shut you up!” Pit was on the verge of a total breakdown.

“You cannot kill me Pit. I told you that. Now kill Sargent Kent!” the voice ordered. Pit had but one choice on shutting up the voice. “I told you I was in charge! I can take care of myself, I don’t need you anymore!” Pit put the gun to his head and fired. His body swayed back and forth, till it fell to the ground.

“Jesus Christ! Did you see what he did? That kid was nuts!” Kenny said.  Kent looked at him and both looked at the body of Pit. The spree was over. Six people are dead and it could have been more. “I am unsure what happen. We have some explaining to do. No one will believe us.” Kent and Kenny waited in the woods; they sat on the ground waiting for the ambulance to arrive. This was one of the weirdest cases Kent has took and was still confused on what was going on in Pit’s head. “What ever was wrong with that kid, will forever be a mystery.” Kent said.

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