One Week Down

I have been smoke free for a full week. How awesome is that!? I will admit that there were a few times that I would have loved to taste a cigarette one more time. But I didn’t. I am keeping myself strong and not giving in to my temptations. My car is stocked full of gum and mints. When I drive, I need something. Not always but I still like to keep myself busy, well keep my hands busy still. With no patches, no real support group, and no gum. I am doing this all cold turkey. So far, so good.

They say when you stop smoking, you’ll eat more. I don’t think I have had a bigger appetite. I still eat the same amount of food. I’ve drank a few nights so far and amazingly, no cravings. The only thing that does bother me is I am chewing on the inside of my mouth all the time. I guess it’s that or smoking again. I did this before a few years ago. That lasted 6 months. This time, I want to last infinity. Right now, the cravings are really going away. They say three day hump and after that it gets easier. I think it has. I think that if I can keep my mind set on not smoking and find another solution of stress, I can kick this habit once and for all. 


I hope there are other people out here right now doing the same thing. I hope other people realize that smoking is a pretty nasty habit. I am not going to push you to stop. If you smoke and people want you to quit, I say only quit when you feel ready. Don’t let others push you into quitting. No one told me to quit. I just did it all on my own.

It has been a week. 7 days of not smoking. 7 days of some eff’ed up dreams, 7 days of healing my lungs and breathing better. Eventually, I will try and be active and start running. If I run, I am totally going 5k. When I hit a month, I’ll get back to you and let you know if I am still smoke free or if I went back.

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