October Stats – Part I: Drinks

When I began this project, I was great at getting the information posted within a few days after the month. As of lately, I haven’t. I am 2 months behind. There is two days left of the year and I have to get this completed before the clock strikes 2011. Below is the list of what I drank during the month of October. There is one big change to my coffee drinking. The company I work for switched over to a new coffee brand. We once offered superior coffee. I liked it. Hell, I like coffee. It really doesn’t matter where the eff it comes from. Coffee is good. With the change, we now offer a top dollar brand. We proudly serve Caribou coffee. I like it. I can’t do the heavier coffee. Bold coffee or anything close to it, hurts my stomach. It gives me chest pains. I drink a lighter coffee they offer.To sum up the month of October,


I had a total of 68 coffees during the month of October. Most of the coffee I drink is at work. I do have coffee at home but I don’t drank it unless I am hungover (which is becoming a regular thing now) or I have a day off and wake up early enough to brew myself some.

  • 5 of these coffees were from Quiktrip. If my schedule at work alters from the normal, I head here for a cup to drink before we start brewing our own coffee at work. I am seldom here. But when you need coffee, you find yourself coffee.
  • 3 of these coffees were Starbucks. As I said earlier, we switched our coffee at work to a better, more upscale coffee. We have a Starbucks in our store. I don’t need that much coffee. This is a pretty low number compared to the previous amount of Starbucks I normally drink.
  • Another 3, were Folger’s coffee I brewed at home. I do love those instant bags of coffee.
  • 8 were had at Bob Evans.
  • 49 coffees were had at work.
    • Of those, 37 were Caribou coffees.
    • The other 12 were the old coffee my store once offered.


I had at total of 58 sodas during the month of October. That’s a little more than the previous month but judging by how much I drink each month, it’s a safe and average number. Of that soda,

  • 55 were cokes.
    • 28 were had at work.
      • 1 was a 12 oz styrofoam cup
      • 27 were my normal 20 oz styrofoam cups.
    • 14 were cans of coke
    • 2 were the plastic 20 oz. bottles of coke
    • 3 were large cokes I had at the movies (Soul To Take, Paranormal Activity 2, Saw 3D)
    • 8 were from dining out
      • 2 were from a local restaurant (Tommy’s)
      • 3 were form McDonald’s
      • 2 were from Subway
      • 1 was from Burger King
  • 3 were Pepsi’s.


This is really a bad habit I need to break. I like drinking. I just find myself drinking more excessively these last few months. It is almost 2011. I guess I could make a resolution. I say that now but I won’t. Anyway, for the month of October, I had a total of 65 alcoholic drinks. Oh, look! That’s one less than September! I guess I am cutting back!

  • 56 of these beverages were Bud Light
    • 52 were bud light bottles.
    • 2 were tall mugs at a local bar.
    • 2 were bud light cans (I hate cans!)
  • 8 were Budweiser bottles.
  • 1 was a miller light can.


I drank a total of 6 juices in October.

  • 3 were orange juices had at Bob Evans.
  • 3 were minute maid juices drank at work.
    • 1 cranberry grape juice
    • 1 cranberry apple raspberry juice
    • 1 orange juice


Here is the rest of the crap I drank during the month of October.

  • 5 chocolate milk pints
  • 1 chick-fila lemonade
  • 27 8oz tumblers of fresh H20.

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