Noises Heard In The Sky

Have you gone outside lately and listened to your surroundings? You haven’t!? Do me a favor and go outside. Listen to the world around you. Do you hear anything? Maybe some sirens wailing in the distance. Maybe the humming of air conditioning units. Possibly something more loud. You’ll know it when you hear it. It’s loud. Very loud. Don’t pass it off as nothing or just kids shooting off fireworks. That’s what people want you to believe. Step out of your comfort zone and have an opened mind.

You should make note the next time you hear a loud boom go off around your area. What was just a rare occurrence is now becoming a global enigma. No one can quite put their finger on what is causing these noises. We can all speculate whatever we want. It might be the fireworks mentioned above or maybe these sounds are not of this world. Maybe they are government related controlled. I dug around the web for any information on it. Below are some “facts” I have collected. Below is what I believe is going on. We are not alone. We know it. The government knows it. None of this will matter come December 21, 2012. We’ll be gone. Earth will be no more.

I was not aware of these noises at first. It was a friend of mine who started posting on Facebook about it. Seems a lot of other people know about it but are too scared to talk about it. It was just a few days ago when people in Denver were woken up by loud noises. He shared the link on Facebook and I went to investigate it. I wouldn’t even bother checking out the link. I had it bookmarked and now the page is missing. Why would they take it town? Why wouldn’t they be reporting that sort of news? Even CNN reported on the same story about the noises. That also drops to a 404 page. Their article didn’t have much information about the noises. One lady said it, “Shook my house. I thought I was in an earthquake.” The police had no idea what was behind the noises. They took it as just the sounds of planes taking off, since the noises were reported roughly around Denver airport. I can go into the whole thing about the New World Order being the Denver Airport, and its underground lairs, its paintings, and the involvement of the Free Masons but that would take all day. It only proves that the activity from these loud booms ties in with the airport and the secret government “jobs” that is said to be taking place in, below, and around the well-planned out airport.

The entire airport is surrounded by a barbed wire guard fence, with the barbed wire angled inward, to keep people in, like a giant prison, not out like at other airports. And if viewed from the air, the runways are revealed to be laid out in the shape of a Nazi swastika. Questions about what the government might be doing in this underground base may have been answered in 2007, when fourteen commercial aircraft reported spontaneously shattered windshields as the presumed result of electromagnetic pulses. Skeptoid

Denver isn’t the only city with the noises. They have been happening here too in Kansas City. It’s nothing new. It happens often. You have to take into account that the mid-west is missile silo city. We aren’t just in tornado alley. We are the UFO highway. Places like Wisconsin have had their share of these same noises. There are dozens of places around here that have businesses inside caves. Some of them are for storage or goods and some store items that we will never know about. Some of these caves are government-funded and are prime locations for secret governmental projects. (If you wanna know about the Digimon-like creatures down there, click the link.) I have a feeling these two things are linked. Maybe not the crazy, dinosaur with weapons attached to its arms but I am talking about the government, the sounds, and the incoming alien invasion. I am not lying. This is happening. Below is a map of the world. I collected around 20 or so videos of the sound people are hearing. This isn’t just in the United States. It’s all over the world. People are hearing booms, hums, and Apocalyptic harps. How does one explain all these strange phenomenons? Stand on your soapbox. Take a megaphone and as loud as you can scream, The Government! It is happening. The end of times is near. Get ready.

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Sound 1: 42.407211, -71.382437
Sound 2: 61.524010, 105.318756
Sound 3: 9.748917, -83.753428
Sound 4: 49.261226, -123.113927
Sound 5: 50.503887, 4.469936
Sound 6: 19.896766, -155.582782
Sound 7: 39.737567, -104.984718
Sound 7: 55.631388, -111.083884
Sound 8: 56.452027, 9.396347
Sound 9: -35.675147, -71.542969
Sound 10: 49.817492, 15.472962
Sound 11: 39.099727, -94.578567
Sound 12: 54.348750, -6.651610
Sound 13: 26.358688, -80.083098
Sound 14: 36.778261, -119.417932
Sound 15: 36.470169, 52.354031
Sound 16: 35.689487, 139.691706
Sound 17: 44.620535, -88.762323
Sound 18: 46.879682, -110.362566
Sound 19: 40.714353, -74.005973
Sound 20: 60.809090, 23.769002
Sound 21: 40.440625, -79.995886
Sound 22: 41.878114, -87.629798
Sound 23: -33.873651, 151.206890
Sound 24: 52.954770, -1.158086
Sound 25: 19.432608, -99.133208
Sound 26: -32.950741, -60.666500
Sound 27: 47.498406, 19.040758
Sound 28: 40.416691, -3.700345
Sound 29: 36.114646, -115.172816
Sound 30: 31.968599, -99.901813


To make our soapbox accusations sound crazy and foolish, they (the government) make up these wild stories and reasons as to what is causing the sounds across the globe. We’ve heard that it’s fireworks. They claim it’s methane gas escaping. Sound waves. Even going as far as saying the sounds are just in our heads. They will do whatever they can to get people to stop poking their noses into their business. They government doesn’t want us to know that the aliens are prepping for an invasion. The government will deny it to the end of times that the sounds are nothing but easy explainable events. So what are these booming sounds and the 7 trumpets of Revelations? Do I believe they are actual sounds from God? No. I have to first believe in God to even accept the crazy idea that angels are warning us of the end of times. Instead, these sounds are in fact, extraterrestrial. Sightings of UFO activity has increased over the years. It isn’t just hillbilly rednecks who are seeing them. It’s people like you and me. No matter the amount of evidence stacked against the government that what we have on tape is a real UFO, they will still deny it and will call us crazy and attention seeking whores. The government is half right about them not being UFOs from a far off planet. They aren’t all UFOs from another planet. Some of the UFOs we see are our own. I will explain a little more about that.

UFOs are real. Aliens are real. They both exist. ET is real and he’s not hungry for Reese’s Pieces. Expect the world to come crashing down in December. We will be enslaved and when the aliens are finished raping our planet of all its resources, we’ll meet the same fate all the people on Alderann did. Don’t expect to survive unless you’re on the list. Oh, there is a list. The government needs to keep the important people alive. They can’t stay here and get vaporized. If we’re going to create a new world, we need the best people to make that happen. But if the aliens are going to Death Star the planet, won’t that mean the smart and beautiful people will face the same fate? No. The government will see to it that they don’t. They’ll need to find a way off this planet. With the technology we’ve “borrowed” stole from our alien neighbors, top government scientist are working on multiple ships to populate other planets. It’s been going on since Roswell. They’ve been perfecting ships each year in hopes to create the best and most advanced craft they can.

Don’t you find it odd that NASA is quitting the space program? I highly doubt that. With the shuttle program ‘finished’, it gives them more time to focus on testing the ships before they finally lunch on December 20, 2012. These ships are being transported all across the United States to facilities unknown to a vast majority of the public. Kansas, Denver, New Mexico, and Nevada are some of these places. Denver is in fact the hub of all them. This is where the spacecrafts are first manufactured. We’ve seen some of these ships. Not all but some of the UFO sighting are that of government made spacecrafts. Perfection takes time and you have to test perfection. When the time comes, the government needs to be ready. Humanity is at stake.

You and I have no chance of survival. They don’t care for Joe the Plumber. We don’t matter to them. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it known the aliens are real. We need to get people aware of these government made spacecrafts. Someone has to. The government is not going to come out and tell us that they are here. They aren’t going to tell the world we have technology way beyond anything we could ever imagine. No. That would be foolish and cause panic. Most of the people who are aware of the invasion and the manufacturing plants are laughed at and called crazy.  Everything is leading up to December 21, 2012. We all know the date. We all know what it means. We are not going to see a Super Volcano or even watch in horror as California sinks into the ocean. That’s Hollywood. That’s not going to happen. We won’t even get a formal greeting from the aliens. When they arrive and finally show themselves, the government made ships will be gone. They’ll be on their way to Earth 2 and we’ll be stuck here. We’ll watch as the cities crumble and the aliens treat our planet ten times worse than we do.  I don’t want to cause alarm but I am just letting people know what I know. Everything is connected. The large number of sightings, the sounds, and the end to NASA’s shuttle program. You just need to see it. Open your eyes and become aware. All this is leading up to the end on 12/21/12. Our time on Earth is done. We finally stopped working. And what do you do when something stops working? You get rid of it.

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