Nature Calls

We all have had this problem before. You’ve had a few too many drinks and now you need to use the facilities. You’re not home and the only place you have is the public restroom. What do you do!? You’re scared. Don’t worry. I am too. I’ve talked before about my fear of the public restrooms. There is something dirty about knowing that I am about to pee freely among other men. I hate restrooms. I will do all I can to not use them but sometimes I have to. Sometimes, nature calls and won’t stop till I answer.

Sometimes I will need to break the seal. I will resort to using that dirty toilet seat. I refuse to use a urinal. Something about them bother me. It’s a germ thing. It’s not wandering eyes either. I just like to have my privacy. Besides, way too many rules to follow just to piss away 30 bucks worth of beer.

How well did you do? A simple game but it proves that peeing is hard work. It’s so hard, I need my silence. I need to be left alone as I am relieving myself. The bathroom is not a chatroom. We are not going to strike up a conversation. We can do it elsewhere. I had to deal with some crazy people the other night. Not to leave out all the touching and groping, a gentleman had the audacity to want to strike up a meaningful chatter. No thanks. Catch me when I am not having a private moment.  To make myself clear,


Okay, what do you want to say to me?


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