The End of Days – Scenario IV: Natural Disasters

This is the final entry in my four-part series about the End of Days. I already discussed about the Anti-Christ being Obama. I talked about the asteroid that will wipe out life as we know it. I talked yesterday about the field I am well versed in – the zombie virus. All those things are possible outcomes of what will happen on 12/21/2012. There is still one more scenario I will discuss with you. The last possible threat we could face on the 21st of December is the wrath of Mother Nature. I am talking about a global catastrophe. This will be far more powerful than all the Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Hurricanes combined. By the time Mother Nature is done with us, no one will be left. The world will be wiped out and human life will be over.

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I first want to mention that Roland Emmerich stole my idea for the movie 2012. If you haven’t seen the movie then I will explain it to you as quick as I can. The world goes to crap and we end up living on Arks. Many years ago, well before this movie came out, I wrote a short story about the end of the world. My story was titled, Nature’s Fury. A great tale about the end of the world when Earthquakes, floods, and volcanoes wipe out the world in just weeks. Like the movie 2012, my story also ended with the world being covered in water. I even had people flying planes. I think some of the planes crashed. It’s hard to remember. I wrote it so long ago. It was an epic story that if I ever get around to it, I will post it on this blog for you to read and then decide which story is better.

I don’t know if it will play out like it did in the movie 2012. While I would love to see the world crumble and become nothing but a giant ball of water, I don’t think that it will happen just like the movie. Yes, I agree that volcanoes will erupt and Yellowstone will become ground zero for pretty much the deaths of nearly all the USA’s population. What I do want to see is the state of California break up and fall into the ocean. But before that happens, I would need my extended family and my friends to get out of there first. Then it can do just what it did in the movie 2012.


Dino and CavemanAt least we will have time to act when this happens. I know it won’t happened all at once. That’s just silly. Mother Nature will not unleash her bitter fury in just one go. She’ll throw an earthquake here and then a couple of days later, she’ll drop a hailstorm on us. It’ll be a fight for survival and all the people who you thought were friends, are now your sworn enemies. It’s going to be a new world and when things go to shit, people aren’t going to act all Beaver Cleaver and give you the shirt off their back. Chances are, they’ll steal the shirt off your back and probably kill you for whatever supplies you’re carrying with you. Welcome to the new world I hope you like it.

Society will become reckless. People will become savages and the fight to survive will kick in. Mankind will be reverting back a few thousand years. Cities will fall and nations will crumble. This is what to expect when the first natural disaster strikes on 12/21/2012. Each passing day will bring more and more pain to those fighting to stay alive. The death toll will rise each day and you and I will be watching over our shoulders wondering if we’re next on the list. Sooner or later, we’re going to lose something we rely on daily. The sun will be gone once the super volcano in Yellowstone erupts. The country will be covered in ashes and we’ll have what will feel like a nuclear winter. That’s not good. No sun means no vegetation. Plant life dies and our livestock will suffer and eventually they will  die from starvation. It’s all a trickle effect. Once one thing goes, another will and then another and then another…till there is nothing left and we’re all left to live out our lives like our prehistoric cousins did. (minus dinosaurs) Sure there may be survivors after all the disasters strike but they will perish just as the others did from the earthquakes, floods, and volcanoes.

Now, if the government is working on arks and I wasn’t informed, I am going to be pretty upset. Why wasn’t I included in this plan? Why IHurricane Sandyam not that special? They keep talking like they want all these smart people to stay alive to rebuild the world like it was before. While that idea is a good one, they have one small problem. Once they get that shit working and the power is back on, who will they get to work it? They need peons. They need people who will work those jobs for nothing. Peons need to survive too. Don’t leave us off the arks just because you think we’re not good enough. I hope that ark has a leaky hull. I hope it sinks to the bottom of the now, flooded planet. I want to watch you rich, snobby aristocrats drown. Us poor people are important too. But this could just be a myth. The arks might not even be real. If the arks aren’t real and the planet is just flooded with water, then we have nothing to do but accept the inevitable. We are all going to die. The world is gone and the planet is nothing but a massive bowl of water. Such a waste too.

I may talk a lot about the zombie apocalypse and the world coming to an end but I don’t want to be around for that. I don’t want to be around to watch the world around me head south, just to eventually crash and burn. I like the planet I am on. Earth is a pretty cool place. Earth is a nifty place to live. It’s the only one I have been on so I am a little bias. It’s a good planet with a lot of good to offer. We just need to find it. We can’t spend our lives worrying about the what if’s and the when’s. We need to focus on the now and live it. When the world ends, it’s going to end. We can’t stop it. If the world ends because of the Anti-Christ, then we are just going to have to face the fact that the Bible is real and Jesus is real too. If it ends up being an asteroid, then we will get to experience what the dinosaurs did over 300 million years ago. If it’s zombies, that’ll be cool but I don’t want that. I can’t fight. I’ve never been in a fight with a living/breathing person. How on earth am I going to fight a zombie? Besides, my aim sucks.

 It’s getting closer to the day we all fear. Maybe nothing will happen and we’ll continue living our lives like normal. But if something does happen, we need to be ready. We can’t just twiddle our thumbs and expect everything to fix itself. That isn’t how it works. The world is ending and we are too busy #hashtagging what we just watched on ABC. Take this seriously, people. I am trying to warn you of the what if possibility to come. I could be wrong. I could be a chicken little and screaming about the sky falling when in all actuality, the only thing that will come after the 21st of December, will be the 22nd. Nothing more. Nothing less. The apocalypse will be waiting for another day. We can all breathe a sigh of relief and worry about other things, like gas prices.

The day is coming. 12/21/2012 is close. If it passes and nothing happens, awesome. But if something does and then sign of the End of Days is close, I just want to say…

I told you so.

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