Own A Piece Of Gambling History

The biggest jackpot ever was won by three different people. The lucky three will walk away with 213 million dollars after taxes. I bet you wish you were one of those lucky 3 people. But with millions of other people still penniless and sadden by their lost, I am going to do what I can to make a quick buck off of their sorrow and pain.


If your numbers weren’t,

2 4 23 38 46 23

then you are like me. You lost. How many of you tossed that ticket away after the number called didn’t match yours? I bet all of you did. I bet you all tossed that losing ticket and swore that you will never play the lottery again. You will. You’ll play again when the jackpot reaches a cool 640 million again. I am offering my losing ticket to the highest bidder. I spent 2 dollars on the ticket and made zero profit on it. But now I will take advantage of people’s gullibility and bank after I sell my losing ticket.

Below is a photo of the ticket that could be your if you offer the right price. Do you want to own a piece of history? Do you want to own a losing ticket to what was the biggest can prize in the mega millions lottery? Give it a shot and the below ticket could be yours to show your friends and family. You lost the 640 million but you can bid to own a reminder of not winning 640 million.

Bidding starts at $2.00. Please leave a reply with your bid and a contact email.

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    Omg, I’m in! I bid 4.99 to start!!