A Joke: Marital Troubles

Before I get to this hilarious joke, I want to apologize for slacking on the blogging. I ran into a bit of a slump. I had nothing to say till now. I have a few weddingcoupleideas lined up but instead of posting a heart-felt entry or something sarcastic, I decided to post a punny joke. If you know me, you know this following joke will be funny as hell. Cause I am f**king funny guy. Honestly, my jokes make women weak in the knees. If you don’t laugh at this joke, you have no sense of humor. If you groan at it, then you are a douche. Laugh. I know you will. Cause I did. Anyway… here’s the joke. Comedy special, here I come!

Jake and Robert are the best of friends. They’ve known each other since they were in diapers. They went to school together all the way through high school. They even attended the same college. They were inseparable. If you didn’t know them, you’d think they were a couple. But these two guys were the best of friends. When Robert got married, Jake was his best man and when Jake got married, Robert was there to return the favor. They really are the best of friends.

Jake and Robert love their wives very much but as time went on and as the years of being married to a single person added up, they both were feeling bored and a little bit adventurous. They met up one day for lunch and both discussed and vented about their marriage and how awful they feel. They talked about their boring sex lives and how they need to explore other options. Jake and Robert planned on cheating on their wives. It is wrong and could destroy their marriages but they didn’t care. They wanted to feel something. After years of making loves to their wives, they felt it would please them and possibly bring excitement back in their lives if they slept with another woman, other than their wives.

They did just that. Not just once but multiple times. Jake and Robert were sleeping with numerous women and still returning home after nights of fornicating with home wreckers. Their wives were none the wiser. Jake is sleeping with four other women, loving each of them more than the other. Robert is sleeping with six. He loves them all and if he could, without feeling anything, he’d leave his wife for them.

With their sexual escapades going on for months, both men decided to tell their wives about the double lives they are leading. They both are ready to tell their ¬†wives about the cheating and the women that they love more than the woman they vowed to love and honor till death. They know that telling their wives will be very difficult. With all the women on the side, and not knowing which one they want to be with, their cheating lives finally caught up with them. Jake and Robert know that before they decide to leave their wives and start a ne life, they’ll need to get all their affairs in order.

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