The Lazy Laundriers

Washer And DryerI cannot stress enough how much these two give me rage. I was really excited when I was told I had a washer and dryer in my apartment. It beats using a community laundry room. Not to mention, I am not dropping quarters every time I need to wash and dry my clothes. Now the washer and dryer isn’t in my actual apartment. It is in a joining room I share with the people next door. When we they need to do laundry, there is a light switch we flip on. If you don’t flip it, you’ll have no power and turning on the washer or dryer will be useless. We have a water switch as well. Thankfully, these two have enough respect to not use my water. I am aware there are other tenants that don’t respect the water issue and steal water from others. I do mean steal. We pay for water.

A while ago, it was laundry day. I was needing to wash my clothes. I loaded up my laundry basket and went in the laundry room. I opened the washer. Well, crap. They’re doing laundry. I guess I will have to wait. I set my basket on the floor and head out to tend to other chores. The hour passes. I look in the laundry room. Okay, the washer is done. Looks like their clothes are still in there. I will give them a chance to get to them. Maybe they are busy with something else. Another hour or so passes. I head back in to the laundry room. What the eff? Your clothes are still in there. Can you do me a favor and get them out of the washer and move them into the dryer. That’s how this works. It’s not a washer and a dryer rolled in to one.

The sun went down and I was still perplexed as to why the washer were still full of clothes. Their car is outside. It’s been there for sometime. I know there is someone inside their apartment. They have to know there is clothes in there. I mean, besides the clothes in the washer, there were clothes in the dryer and a basket. No wait. Two baskets full of clothes sitting on the floor by their door. You obviously don’t have any clean clothes.

I looked one last time before I went to bed. This was at ten. The laundry room was still full of their clothes. I was wondering if maybe this wasn’t my laundry room at all. I wonder how Claudia and Richard dealt with this problem. Next day, I went to work and ranted about the problem I was now facing. At that time, I hadn’t dubbed these two as the ‘lazy laundriers’ They were just, ‘those a-holes next door’. I worked at least 10 hours that day. I was sure that they would have washed some clothes and cleaned out the laundry room so I can take a swing at it. I get home. I walk into the room. You are correct! The laundry room was still the way I they left it the prior day. I have nothing to do. The house is clean. I have no dishes to wash. I have nothing left to do but wash my clothes. I know they are home. I saw their car out front when I pulled up. They are home. They must know they have clothes in there. I figured two things. One, they have an endless supply of clothes or two, they are walking around in their birthday suits. I hope they have a plethora of clothes cause I don’t care to envision either of them in the nude. The day is coming to an end. I am still in need of washing my clothes. I still have pants and shirts to wear for work but in a few days, I’ll end up wearing dirty sets.Dirty Laundry

I was growing tired of waiting. I wanted to remove their clothes. I wanted to toss the shit on the floor and get my clothes washed. I just have a slight issue with germs. Even though the clothes are in the wash and have been cleaned, they are still dirty to me. People have germs. I don’t. Ever wonder why I am never sick? Don’t touch people. It’s that simple. Away from my slight germ phobia, the washer was still untouched. The same clothes that have been in there for a full day (almost two) were still sitting in the washer. The baskets were still there. The clothes in the dryer were still there.

Day three. Again, I work. And again, I rage about these two dumb s**ts who don’t understand the concept of being neighborly. It’s not a hard task. It’s a simple chore. I understand no one likes doing laundry. I hate it. But think about it. It takes a minute to toss them in the washer, pour in detergent, set it, and turn it on. After that, you walk away and come back in an hour to remove them and place them in a dryer. Like the day before, I get home and check out the laundry room. Eff me! Are you serious? Nothing has been touched. I am pretty effin’ pissed now. I sit at my computer and think of something to do. I type up a note and print it. I don’t have a copy of it anymore but it went something like this,


This is your neighbor from across the hall. I

understand that we have busy schedules and work long hours.

But I am running low on clean clothes and need to use the washer and dryer.

May you please remove your clothes so I can have a chance to do my


Thank you,


I wanted to be an ass. I wanted to be mean about it but I like to think ahead. If I was rude, they could retaliate and do everything in their power to make my life a living hell. (Claudia and Carlos, anyone?) I took the note and placed in on the washer. The washer that was still full of clothes. The room was getting a foul stench. Let clothes sit there wet for three days, disgusting. I sat down and watched some TV. I thought about it for a while. I removed the note. I just felt it was going to cause some sort of rivalry. I really don’t want to get off on the wrong foot. Which is funny to say cause they already get off on the wrong foot. After three days of being denied access to my right to wash clothes, I enter the laundry room. I stand there and stare at the door. Do I knock? Do I pound on the door? I put my hand up to knock. I hesitated. Not once but twice. I was truly scared of them. Not like Claudia scared but scared none the less. After I grew a set, I knocked.

Male LL: Yeah?

Me: Hi. Are you about done with your laundry? I really need to get some clothes washed.

Male LL: Ah, shit. I got clothes in the there?

Me: Yeah…for like 3 days.

Male LL: No prob, dude.

Me: Thanks.

He didn’t even questioned or bat an eye when I said, “three days”. It was like it was a normal thing for him. Three days is a long time. Three days with not finishing a load, and with all the clothes in the room, it shouldn’t have come to a surprise when he answered the door. He answered the door in his boxers. His effin’ boxers! Which only means that they don’t have an overabundance of clothes and they aren’t nudist. They are just effin’ lazy. Or forgetful. Be it whatever, the dude was in his boxers. You know why you’re just in your boxers? It’s cause the rest of wardrobe is in this room. Get to work, LL. He did remove his clothes but did he put them in the dryer? No. He didn’t even bother emptying the dryer at that time. He just pulled the clothes out the washer and plopped them in the basket. That’s right, folks. The nasty clothes that have been sitting idly in the washer for three days didn’t even get to the dryer. Why the eff did you even wash them? All you did was put them back in the basket to wash again. You wasted three days of my time for no reason. God, if only I could summon the power of Claudia to visit you.

Laundry Rules

This was my first run in with the Lazy Laundriers. There have been other times they lack on the slack washing. Those times weren’t as extreme as this. I do notice these two aren’t ones to follow the rules of the laundry room. It’s clearly posted. I’ll be up at 5am, or 6am and the sound of the washer will be filling the air. Even when the hours dwindle past 10, they are attending to washing their clothes. This bothers me not for fact that they are disobeying the curfew but the fact that they are doing laundry in general. Is there not enough time in the day (15 hours) to do a load of laundry. Let’s take in the account that you work a normal 8 hour day. You still have 5 hours to wash a load. How hard of a concept it that? Wash all you want at 10pm but I hope to God that come noon the next day, the washer is free for my use.

These people have no names. They do, I just haven’t learned them and quite frankly, I am not wanting to. I am happy with dubbing them ‘The Lazy Laundriers’. I will say when I first arrived here, I was granted supreme access to the washer and dryer. It was almost as if they didn’t wash their clothes. Maybe they are busy all the time. They do have a kid and seeing the huge belly bump, they are expecting another child. That is not going to be good. Not only am I denied the privilege to do my laundry, I am going to be losing sleep when they have another kid. The Lazy Laundriers have slacked again tonight.

I posted this on facebook at 2:00pm:

I posted this on facebook at 7:00pm:

Facebook Post Laundry

The time at the moment is, 11:17pm. The same clothes from the morning are still in there. I do not know why the clothes have yet to be removed or even put in the dryer. I was all excited, Dirty Laundrybasically jumping for joy when I heard their car pull up. Moments later, I heard the door in the laundry room open. Sweet action Jackson! This is a good thing. They’ll finally be removing their clothes so I can maybe get a start on mine. Shortly after, I open the door. The washer lid is open. I peered inside. A string of profanities poured from my mouth. The clothes weren’t touched! How is that possible? You walked in there. Were you just checking on them? It’s not a sleeping baby. It’s not a priceless artifact. Really, did you walk in, look,

Oh, good. The clothes are still safe.

And then walk out? Did you not understand when a washer stops that means the clothes are done? The effin’ lid is up. You must know the clothes are done. I didn’t open the lid. Did you just get lazy and figured they’ll dry themselves like last time. Christ. You’re killing me, smalls. Claudia doesn’t give me this much shit. That whoe doesn’t even wash her clothes and if she did, I bet she would remove them. She probably feels sympathy for the clothes. She was stuck in a wall for who knows how long. She wouldn’t want her panties to feel the same way, being cooped up in a washer all day.

I felt it was time for me to give you a little information about the Lazy Laundriers. These two peeps really grind my gears. I will say I did remove their clothes once from the dryer. It was pretty gut wrenching. I have no desire to hold your panties or boxers again. I know the clothes were just washed but still, I have a germ/touching thing going on over here. I swore that I will never remove your clothes again and I won’t. I am not asking for much. I am just wanting to have clean clothes. Your lack of respect is appalling. You do not own the laundry room. You are not special. You are not your f**kin’ khakis. Do I show them this website? This is the crap I deal with. I might have to start being an ass and toss their clothes on the floor. I have needs. I have dirty clothes too. Damn you, Lazy Laundriers. Tomorrow better be my day to do my clothes. Get your damn act together. I am more of a Bruce Banner but sometimes I’ll be his alter ego. Cut me some slack and wash yours.

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