When did parents stop teaching manners?

I see a lot of kids at my job. Usually they are wandering around with no guardian. These hobo children run amok and tend to believe they are some elite group of anarchists whose only goal is to watch the world burn. Giant display of apples? No problem. Let’s knock it down! Oh, look! A box of marbles. Let’s watch them roll across the floor while we laugh gleefully at the mess we made. I have not yet to witness either of those two examples I explained above but you can bet the house that sooner or later some ragamuffin will yank that apple off the table and stroll off like they had nothing to do with the granny smith apple collapse of 2012.

Kids are brats. Kids are loud. They don’t need to be those things. They need to be taught to behave and be quiet at important times. If they can’t learn how to behave and not go apesh*t in public, then your kids need to be on a leash. If you can’t afford a leash then I suggest you leave these kids in the car. If you leave them in the car, please roll the window down. I don’t want you to harm the kid, I just want you to do what you’re suppose to do as a parent and that’s take care of your effin’ kid. I will gloat and tell you that I was a well-behaved kid and the other siblings in my family were also well-behaved. My mom got a gold star in parenting every time she took us out. Imagine a handful of kids all at the supermarket. We aren’t Nascaring it up and down the aisles. We aren’t climbing in bunkers and we never climbed in and out of the shopping cart. My mother just taught us the importance of manners. We weren’t beat with a stick or threatened if we acted up. No. My parents raised up with a little thing I like to call, manners. I know it’s something different and probably a very hard task but it is something parents kind of agreed on when they strip down to their birthday suit and decided to make you. Don’t make babies if you can’t teach them manners.

Like most of my posts, something happened that I witnessed that brings these rants to the surface. I was out the other day and I watched these three kids acting up and just being annoying. They were screaming, using foul language (even words I don’t know), push and shoving each other, and just being obnoxious. During this ordeal, mommy just stood there and did nothing to control them. She didn’t even tell them to hush. She just let them be out of control and give her parenting skills a bad name. I don’t know if these kids were trying to put on some show for the other patrons at this establishment but if they were doing such a thing, I would be shoving them off stage like the hobo clown sweeper at the Apollo. Why can’t kids just act proper and stay quit for a short period of time? I don’t give two sheets to the wind if you want to act a fool at home but do not go around being mannerless and acting a fool up in here, up in here. I looked around and saw an older couple biting their lips as they watched the kids. They must have been thinking the same thing I was. I didn’t say anything. I stood there and just let my blood boil. I am not a very outspoken person but at times if you shove me enough and talk down to me like a child, I will come at you at like a spider monkey. I will snap. For example, I will be doing nothing and a kid will start screaming for no reason. With no warning, those sweet kids will revert back to their Neanderthal ways and start making me wish we can give the world one big vasectomy. It’s at the moment when they break the sound barrier with their tantrums that I imagine myself turning my head towards them and screaming, “shut the eff up!” I will never do that but I want to. If it gets the point across to your mannerless child, then so be it.

I know there are some parents who raised their kids right. I’ve seen those well-behaved kids and I’d give them a cookie. But I also see kids being rude and acting out all the time. I do not mind if your child is screaming at home or in the car but if it’s an earshot away from me in a public place, I will strap a muzzle around that infants face in a matter of seconds. Kids screaming in public seems to be much worse than a screaming child at home. Honestly. The sound is enhanced 100 times more than normal when a kid is in public. It isn’t just screaming. Kids will just be rowdy and act up as if the teacher’s back is turned. I watch kids at Wal-Mart riding in the mart carts and throwing crap around like it’s nothing. I honestly think some of these kids are dropped off at Wal-Mart and their parents expect the staff (the “friendliest staff around“) to take care of the hell hounds running wildly down aisle 13 and 14. It’s funny that the parents chose Wal-Mart as the babysitting camp ground. Wal-Mart is the epitome of crap and they know it. They treat their employees with little to no regard. Now take that mentality and replace employees with your children. What’s your thought now about leaving them here while you work your 9 to 5 elsewhere?

I shouldn’t be telling you how to raise your kids. I don’t even have kids. I probably never will. But I still will voice my opinion about the parents who let their kids get away with this. You’re horrible parents for doing that. It’s not teaching them anything at all. Don’t let them run around places all alone without supervision. These are businesses not search and rescue parties. Don’t let them think that it’s okay to tell society to fluck off. It’s just letting them know that acting that way is normal and if you want to act like a brat in the middle of a crowded mall, then go on ahead. No one will mind. But you know what? They do mind. People will talk about you till their faces turn blue. They’ll always see you as an unfit parent who can’t control their kids. Doi you want to be shunned and seen as a parent with little to no control over their beastly child? That can be fixed. Just listen to my advice. Kids will be kids. I know that. Kids will act out sometimes and that’s normal. It’s up to you to control it. It’s up to you to let the kids know that acting like a hyena in the grocery store is not acceptable. I ask only one simple thing.,



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