June Stats – Part I: Drinks

I am 6 months into the year. I am still logging it all. I am planning to post the 6 months stats for the year. I will gather up all the information so far and show you what I have already had the first part of the year. I feel like I am slacking on eating correctly. Not that I have really cared about what I have eaten but I am slacking on actually grocery shopping. I am pretty lazy when it comes to that. I mean I work at a grocery store. You’d think I would have no problem finding food. But imagine working 8-10 hours a day and staying longer just to shop. Not saying I hate my work or my store, I just want to get out and go home. If I do need something, I’ll go to another store. It’s closer to my humble abode. After I post the stats for the food and the drinks, I’ll tally up the first 6 months and post it in one lump sum.

Questions I wonder:

  • How many Starbucks coffee’s have I had?
  • How many beers have I drank?
  • How many times have I gone to Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King?
  • How many donuts and bagels have I ate?
  • Do I eat too much fried food?

It is July 4th. Here is my stats for last month. Let’s see what I drank the last month.


I already know I drank more Starbucks coffees than I did the last month. I don’t know why. Actually, I do. I had bought myself these instant Folger’s coffee packets to make at home. Since I am lacking on the shopping, I tend to get my fix of a quick coffee at Starbucks. This month, I had a total of 65 coffees. It’s less than last month but not by much. Breaking it down,

  • 9 of those coffees were from Starbucks.

    • A coffee at the rich place cost me 2.15 a cup. That’s for a large (vente) size. I’d get a smaller one but I don’t like change. That’s why I use a debit card! (a joke. haha.) The total amount I spent the last month on this overly priced coffee was, 19.35. Not much money, compared to what I spend on a coffee at work. But that cup is bottomless.
  • I’ll still grab my cup of coffee every morning at work. It’s a necessity. Some people like alcohol in the morning. Some people get juice. I like my coffee. I should correct myself. I always claimed it is an 8 oz serving. It’s actually a 12oz cup. This month I had a total of 47 cups of delicious black coffee. I spent close to 47.00 on this coffee alone. That effin’ a lot. To all those people who give me sheet about drinking Starbucks, you can eff off.
  • Finishing off my coffee fix, I made 3 trips to Bob Evans this month. I am still fuming about them refilling my cup when it’s just a 1/2 done. If I wasn’t logging, I really wouldn’t care. It’s just easier to tally up a full cup instead of 3/4 cups, 1/2 cups, 2/3 cups… Sorry Luke and Bobby. You’re nice kids. You just don’t respect my project. Anywho, this month I had a total of 9 cups of Bob Evans coffees.


Still a soda man. Not a pop guy. Not a cola guy. I like soda. It’s sounds better. Remember last month when I was trying to kick soda from my diet? Yeah. That worked for a week. It wasn’t what was killing me. I am still oblivious to what is giving my the panic attacks. I am sure I’ll find out one day. When I am hooked up to a machine and have doctors huddled around me, that’ll be when I get the verdict. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Not a fan of doctors.

Last month I had 44 sodas. This month I had, 56 sodas. Giving you a taste of the 6 months findings, that’ll come to a total of 322 servings of soda. I’ll be breaking that down further in a coming post. Of those 55 sodas,

  • 52 were coke.
    • 21 of those Cokes were had at work.
    • 13 of those were cans of coke.
    • 3 of those were had at McDonald’s. They were all large sizes.
    • 3 of those were had at Burger King.

      • 2 of those were medium size cokes.
      • 1 of those were a large size coke.
    • 2 of the cokes I had at the movies.
      • 1 was when I went to a free screening of “Cedar Rapids
      • 1 was when I went to see “Toy Story 3”.
    • 4 of the cokes I had at home in a large glass cup.
    • 1 was a glass of coke at the Clean Place. (It’s a Chinese Buffet Restaurant)
    • The last 5 I had were 20oz size plastic bottles.
  • 4 of those were Pepsi
    • 2 were had at Popeye’s Chicken
    • 1 was had at my favorite place, Philly Time
    • 1 was had at Ming Garden


I didn’t have much juice this month. I figured I would still log it up here since it is becoming a staple of what I drink at work. Last month I had 5. This month I had the same.

  • This month I made 3 trips to Bob Evans. That equals 3 large glasses of orange juice.
  • 2 of the juices were had at work. They were the 16oz size bottles of Minute Maid Orange Juices.


I still drink more alcohol than anything. Although, I don’t drink as much I did at the start of the year. I don’t know why. Could it be cause I work too much? I just can’t drink like I used to. Not saying I want to be a drunken fool all the time but it is nice to sit back and relax with a nice cold one. I had a total of 25 beers. They were all Bud Lights.

  • 20 of those were long neck bottles I drank.
  • The other 5, I had at 54 Street Grill and Bar.
    • 4 were tall mugs of bud light.
    • 1 was a small mug of bud light.


I still drink milk at work. I don’t care much for white milk. It taste funny. I prefer chocolate milk. This month I had,

  • 8 pints of Belfonte Chocolate Milk


I am still drinking water. I make it sound like that’s a bad thing. It’s not that I hate water, I just don’t drink it. I am too busy drinking milk, coffee, and soda at work. I don’t have the time to squeeze H2O into my busy schedule. Last month I had 25 8oz tumblers of water. This month I had

  • 26 8oz. size tumblers of water. I drink my water when I take my Valerian root pills. They seem to help. I do skip a few days and not take it. Sometimes I’ll even be crazy and knock down 2 glasses of water in one sitting. One to wash the pills down and one just for a refreshing beverage. Who ever created water, I tip my hat to you!


Finishing off the list is lemonade and fruit punch. I do love lemonade. I like pink or yellow. The color doesn’t bother me. Even the fruit punch. I’d get Gatorade or Powerade. They are the same darn thing to me. I just grab one when I am thirsty. Even just grabbing it without looking, I always end up with Powerade.

  • I had a total of 4 32oz. size bottles of fruit punch Powerade.
  • I had a total of 5 glasses of lemonade.
    • 1 of those lemonades, I had at Chic-Fila
    • The other 4, I had at home. It was a carton of Minute Maid Lite Lemonade.

That sums up the drinks I had the last month. I’d say my drinking is pretty consistent. I drink the same things every month. Sometimes the numbers are off by a few. In the coming days I will have a post tallying up everything I have drunk so far this year. It will be pretty interesting to read. I do wonder how much coffee I have drunk so far. I do drink too much coffee. Oh, and soda. I drank far too much of that crap. But I like soda. I really do. Thanks for reading and be sure to visit soon to read up on what I ate last month and also see the findings for the first 6 months of 2010.

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  • Tara

    I hate water but force myself to drink it. I quit drinking pop altogether, but can't give up my office brewed coffee. But, I still smoke… go figure :P