January Stats – Part II: Food

Ah, food. It has to be my greatest downfall. It seems that I wouldn’t. I mean, I have a site called, “I Don’t Eat That”. Yes. I hate a lot of food. Yes, I don’t eat certain items. But that doesn’t mean I hate all food. I may be a picky eater but I manage. I don’t go hungry. My diet isn’t the best. I eat plenty of fast food and greasy things. I snack too. I am a sucker for donuts and cookies. I have a pretty rough idea of the food I ate this past month. But this will give me at least some idea of what I eat more than anything. Maybe I can change my diet. (ha!)

I had a long list of places I would go to for lunch. As the years went on and as my taste buds decided to bid some of those a fond farewell, my establishments became very limited. Take the popular(?), Taco Bell for example. I am going to say it has been about 6 years since I actually ate there. Wait, no. I did have it about two years ago. Not by choice though. I was with some friends and they all seem to like that craptastic food. I didn’t want to be a whoe and ask to be driven around to a place I prefer. I sucked it up and ate the damn tacos. Without sounding gross, and by all means, there is no way I can make this sound any better. I had some serious ED! It’ was brutal. Save a tree, don’t eat Taco Bell.

I have crossed Taco Bell off my list. I have crossed off a favorite Chinese place I loved after my friend found a hair in his food. Sucked too. It was his first time going there. It was probably my 50th. Who knows how much hair I have eaten already. Maybe enough to send off to Locks of Love. So, that place is done. I found a new place. Not the best food but I like Chinese food.

I don’t eat at a certain Popeye’s anymore. One day, I bought a delicious three piece meal. Dark meat, please. I got home and sat down to enjoy my three piece dark meat meal. Double You Tea Eff!? All white! Those bastards. I asked for dark meat. They even repeated it to me. You’d think they would get it right. No. No, they didn’t. I am not one to complain. I usually suck it up and eat it. I went back to get my order fixed. Instead of pitching my food, the a-hole behind the counter put it back in the bin. Right back up there to serve to the next unsuspecting customer. Needless to say, I called their corporate office. They found nothing on the camera. But I know what I saw. I have not gone back to that store. I still eat at Popeye’s but not that one. Who knows. Maybe they all do it. Until I see them do it, I’ll keep eating there. What mama don’t know…

After some horror stories about Pizza Hut, I don’t order from them anymore. Guy I work with told me about the dirtiness, the things people did to food, the whole Dominos pizza crap we all watched on Youtube in disgust.   He might not be the most reliable source. He might be all talk. But he said it, so I’m going with it. I should be careful. One day I might not any places to go to.

I wrote out everything I ate and tallied it up. I really don’t eat that much. It’s a lot of the same things, just over and over.  I do have lunch five days a week at work. I don’t care for our pizza anymore. I don’t eat the salad bar. Remember? I hate, HATE salad! I like fruit but I want real food. It’s usually Chinese, Burgers, or a sandwich for lunch. I’ll switch it up and get something else. But I am a predicable person.

I covered drinks already. Now it is time to cover food. Sit back and enjoy!


  • 4 Farmer’s Choice Breakfasts at Bob Evans.
    • 2 eggs (over easy), (8 total)
    • 2 pancakes, (8 total)
    • 3 pieces of bacon (12 total)
    • an order of white toast (4 total)
  • 2 Sausage Muffin sandwiches with cheese (from work)
  • 2 single pieces of bacon (I like to munch on food at work…)
  • 5 Mini Muffins
    • 1 strawberry
    • 4 orange
  • 1 Breakfast Burrito (made with peppers, ham, and cheese)
  • 1 biscuit and sausage link sandwich
  • 1 shitty tasting waffle with syrup (really, it’s bad.)
  • 1 order of biscuits and gravy (1 biscuit, smothered in delicious sausage gravy)
  • 7 Donuts. The following donuts are as followed:
    • 1 maple donut with chocolate drizzle
    • 1 maple cinnamon roll donut
    • 2 plain maple donuts (1 long john, 1 ring)
    • 1 chocolate donut (long john)
    • 1 maple donut with white icing
    • 1 maple long johns with insane amount of icing!
  • 3 breakfast biscuits

LUNCH: (work meals)

  • 11/3 pound cheeseburger (lettuce, tomato)
    • 1 side onion rings
  • 2 1/3 pound bacon cheeseburgers (lettuce, tomato)
    • 1 side onion rings
    • 1 side tator tots
  • 4 Spicy Beef Lo Mein; Steamed Rice (no vegetables)
    • 2 No oyster sauce
    • 2 With oyster sauce
    • 4 sides steamed rice (2 sugars per order)
  • 2Grilled Turkey Clubs (sourdough, lettuce, tomato, yellow  american cheese, bacon)
    • 3 miracle whips per sandwich (6 total)
    • 2 bags original fritos
  • 2 Two Piece Fried Chicken Dinner (3 legs, 1 thigh)
    • 2 sides mashed potatoes with beef gravy
    • 2 sides macaroni and cheese
    • 1 pillsbury biscuit
    • 1 corn bread
  • 2 Pulled Pork Sandwiches (white bun)
    • 1 side baked beans
    • 1 new york style cheesecake (caramel, chocolate syrup)
  • 1 BBQ Brisket Sandwich (white bun)
    • 1 side baked beans
    • 1 side macaroni and cheese
  • 1 General Chicken, Orange Chicken
    • 1 side steamed rice (2 sugars)
  • 1Chicken Enchilada (salsa, sour cream)
    • 1 side garden ranch cottage cheese salad
  • 1 Spicy Chicken Finger Sandwich (2strips, lettuce, tomato, mayo)
    • 1 side baked beans
  • 1Chicken Strip Wrap (lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo)
    • 1 side tator tots
  • 5Slices Of Hand Tossed Pizza
    • 1 slice of canadian bacon with pineapple pizza
    • 2 slices of cheese pizza
    • 2 slices of pepperoni pizza


  • 1 Hardee’s 1/3 Pound Cheeseburger
    • 1 side onion rings
      • order messed up. no lettuce, no tomato
  • 3 Subway Cold Cut Combos (lettuce, tomato, salt&pepper, vinegar&oil
    • 2 sandwiches on white bread
    • 1 sandwich on monterrey cheddar bread
      • 1 bag of garden salsa sun chips
  • 2 Chic-Fil-A Deluxe Chicken Sandwiches (lettuce, tomato, mayo)
  • 1 Philly Time Deluxe Phillysteak (onions, cheese, green peppers)
    • 1 side of onion rings
  • 9 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches (strawberry jam)
  • 2 Sticks Of Trident Peppermint Gum


  • 3 Ming Garden Meals (general chicken, steamed rice)
  • 1 Plate of Lasagna Roll Ups
  • 1 Popeye’s Chicken 3 Piece Meal (2 legs, 1 thigh) (mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuit)
  • 2 Ramen Noodles (chicken flavored)
  • 1 Holiday Party Meal
    • roast beef, chicken breast, carrots, pasta salad, roll
  • 1 Plate Of Turkey And Rice Casserole
  • 1 Top Sirloin Steak
  • 2 Tacos (mild cheddar/pepper jack cheese, sour cream, salsa)
  • 2Plates of Spaghetti & Sauce
    • 2 slices of white bread
  • 2 Twenty Piece McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets
    • 4 bbq sauces
    • 4 sweet and sour sauces
  • 1 Plate Of My Mom’s Famous Homemade Beef Stew
  • 4 pancakes with syrup, 3 sausage links (It was breakfast at dinner time! Can’t beat that!)


  • 4 Cookies
    • 2 chocolate chip cookies
    • 1 snickerdoodle
    • 1 m&m cookie
  • 2 Oatmeal Cream Pies (little debbie snacks)
  • 1 Blue Bunny Fudge Bar
  • 1 Slice Of Carrot Cake (had at holiday party)
  • 1 Devil Dog (little debbie snacks)
  • 1 Peanut Butter And Chocolate Shake


  • 1/4 bag of hint of  lime chips (tostitos)
  • 2 fun size packages of ritz bits crackers
  • 26 pretzel sticks
  • 1 tostino’s pizza (cheese)
  • 4 single spicy nuts
  • 1 fun size bag of doritos (cool ranch)
  • 1/2 bag of tortilla chips (on the border)


  • 2 54 Street Four Plays
    • 16 mozzarella sticks
    • 10 boneless buffalo chicken wings
    • 8 chicken quesadillas
    • 4 celery sticks
    • 2 orders of marinara dipping sauce
  • 1 54 Street Mozzarella Sticks Platter
    • 8 count


  • 1 Single Rice Cake (cream brulee)
  • 1 Pinch Of Sugar
  • 1 Teaspoon Baked Beans
  • 1 Teaspoon Spicy Mexican Corn
  • 1 Teaspoon BBQ Sauce
  • 2 Teaspoons Chicken Noodle Soup
  • 3 Single Pasta Noodles
    • 1 green rotini pasta noodle
    • 2 medium shell macaroni noodles
  • 7 Samples Of Chicken
    • 2 bites of tomato basil chicken
    • 1 bite of orange citrus chicken
    • 1 spicy chicken finger
    • 1 pinch of chicken enchilada filling
      • chicken, sour cream, jalapenos, black olives, cheddar cheese, green onions
    • 1 bite of three cheese encrusted chicken breast
      • romono, parmesan, asiago
    • 1 single chinese chicken quesadilla
  • 1 Red Jonathan Apple
  • 1/2 Ounce Of New York Strip Steak

This concludes month one of 2010. I am not lying nor did I forget one thing. That is every, single thing I ate this past month. I do believe that maybe I can change my eating habits. Maybe I can eat other things. Maybe I can cut back on the snacking, the coffee, the soda, or less fried items. Not saying I will. Hell, tomorrow I can forget all this and eat the same exact things. Thanks for reading this and look below for photos. I like to take photos of some of the food I eat. It serves no purpose. Enjoy!

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