In United America, Food Eat Me?

Welcome to my first of hopefully many blogs on IDET (Been here for just one sentence, and am already chancing abbreviations.)

So, Let me pose you a scenario straight away, remember when you were growing up, how you had this TV show that you loved, yet gradually over time the show has faded to antiquity, leaving you at the mercy of a B rate TV station to pick it up on re-runs many years later?

Isn’t it also true that when you see the opening credits, you are psyched up, life is perfect, your show is on the air… and you watch it with eager anticipation and adoration until the end when you think… I really like this?  I am not one for naming names, but FRAGGLE ROCK, this means you!

Dance this away!

I could go on for hours about the time I learnt that Uncle Traveling Mac wasn’t called Uncle Traveling Map, which I had foolishly allowed myself to believe for 15 years, yet became almost personally depressed about when I learnt I was wrong, although I am not creative nor drunk enough to dedicate an entire article to just that… yet.

My series is going to be about our tastes do the same thing.  “But Ratio!”, I hear you cry “We live in a world where food is in abundant supply… how is this possible?”  Well some back ground info on me.  I was born and raised proudly in the UK for nearly 18 years by a mother whose upbringing was fiercely comparable to that of a post world war family, waste not want not, and by a father who is from the United States of Processed Food.  I spent the last 8 years in the USA trying to answer family questions and the sort, so went from one upbringing to another world.

The American Slam

Needless to say, I recently returned to the UK with the memories of childhood, which food is a very prominent part of, and my taste buds now have the opportunity to get back to a whole wealth of om nom nom, which my life was void of.

The Full English

In upcoming blogs in this series, join me as I compare the best of Anglo and American eating experiences, and places my taste buds remembered things much differently from before.

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I am a world traveler, but not eating at the finest resteraunts, keeping it real at places the real people go and know

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  • lucy smith

    yay babe!! great first blog, i will be here all the way through to read them all, as ur friend i'll help where i can, will be an honour, gongrats jez. xxxxx