You Don’t Have To Be Sorry

We all mess up at one time or another. It’s bound to happen. We doing something foolish or we mistakenly do something we shouldn’t. We apologize and move on. Or we should move on but we don’t. At least I don’t. I never move on. I am getting better about it though. I am not perfect, even I claim if I claim to be. I know it’s hard to take that sort of information in but I too, aside from how perfect and awesome I am, I have had my share of moments that break me down to saying that word that puts you at fault. I am talking about the word, sorry.

Was I sorry for what I did? Possibly. But I am hardly sorry for what I did. Hell, I made a joke about the Holocaust and people were very upset about it. I wasn’t sorry for saying it because, while it was in poor taste, I still thought it was the funniest shit I said, aside from making a joke about an otter. Believe me, I think I am the funniest person alive and if a joke I make offends you, I am not sorry. It’s a joke and you just need to deal with it. No need to get your panties in a bunch because you get upset over a joke. Remember kids, it’s a joke. It is meant to be funny and if we cannot laugh at something, then what is the point of a joke or for that matter, humor in general?

I am going off topic but I do that often. Sorry. Look, there  I go again. I am apologizing for something that there is no need for. I always do that. At least I used to. I have gotten better at it. I would always apologize for everything. I would say sorry to people when they told me to stop saying I was sorry. I wasn’t sorry about it. It was just a knee jerk reaction to them telling me to stop being a pussy and not to apologize for something so minute.

sorry penguin

Take my advice. If there is no need for an apology then I suggest you grow a pair like me and not say anything. Just let it go and the other party will not hold a grudge because they see your lack of being sorry as being a slap in the face. Sometimes there is need for apologizes. Like, lets say you dumped 400 pounds of cole slaw onto someone. Now you weren’t the party at fault for this large blunder. The other party accidentally slipped a finger and punched in 23. You only wanted 2 but shit happens. People make mistakes. On something like that, a simple, “I’m sorry.” would have been nice and I wouldn’t still be angry over it. I’ve moved on from that. It happened but what upsets me is the lack of an apology.

The other side of the spectrum to this issue is when nothing happens and you say you’re sorry for nothing. Stop it. Stop saying it. You drop an egg on the ground. No big deal. No one is going to send a lynch mob after you. It was an accident and saying you’re sorry for dropping an egg or eating the last frozen pizza isn’t the end of the world or your career. Stop being a wanker and stop asking if we’re mad at you because you did something that doesn’t justify an apology.

If you make a serious faux pas then an apology is in order but if it just something small, something that needs no need for an apology, don’t say you’re sorry. It isn’t worth my time or yours. Who knows. Maybe you don’t even mean it. It could be knee jerk reaction like I do. Maybe you say “I’m sorry” just because it feels like the right thing to do. You probably don’t even mean it. You’re just saying sorry because it’s better than saying nothing at all.

Another rant that is just being repeated over and over. I couldn’t just write one sentence about not saying you’re sorry. That would be boring. I like to talk. I like to babble on and on about nothing. Sorry if this annoyed you. But hell, if you can say sorry for doing nothing, I can say sorry for writing the same thing over and over. I just wanted to make a point. I want you to know that you don’t have to be sorry for everything. Be apologetic when you need to and make sure you mean it. A meaningless apology is just like an empty promise. Nothing ever comes out of it.


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