A Suicide Letter

Take the time to read this poem. Know that there are people out there right now who feel like this. If you are depressed, ask for help. It gets better. People care for you. Suicide is never the answer. I wrote this a while ago.  I hope people get something out of it after reading it. 

If you need help, click the link below


or call,




The time is now

To bid adieu

To friends and family

Those old and new

To watch the sun rise

And to watch the sun set

To cleanse myself

Of my past regrets

Things I never did

The things I said I would

I did what I wanted

And did what I could

My will was weak

And my hopes were high

I never did

What I said, I’d try

You tried your best

Would say my dad

I’d hug my mom

To not be sad

No matter the smiles

And the hugging and kissing

Something inside me

Would always be missing

Did I make you proud

Or did I make you weep

Would you go to bed ashamed

And cry yourself to sleep

So, sorry for the pain

The breaks and the grief

But after I’m gone

You’ll have that relief

The relief of a burden

The shame and the pain

The son who had nothing

To show or to gain

Goodbye mom

And goodbye dad

Please don’t cry

And don’t be sad

I’m better off

The hurt is gone

Shed your tears

And please move on

Now go be happy

Like you were before

We will meet again

We’ll meet once more

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  • Cat

    You're bored and *not* suicidal and you end up writing a great suicide letter. It is dark, and it is sad… but I love it and that being said, keep writing and one day you'll find that great people will read this and have you on their mind.