Halloween 2011: Never Say Never

I will admit that I had big plans for a costume this year. I waited too long and what I hoped would overshadow last years costume, never happened. Hopefully, I can get to work on it early. When I say, “I”, I mean my mom. She makes my costume. She is the artist in creating my costume the last couple of years. She is a whiz at the sewing machine. Without her, neither Two-Face, The Mad Hatter, and Dick Tracy would have never came to light. I will give her credit. She can bust out a costume in no time. I will not speak of what I planned on being. Maybe I can do it next year. I still have this crazy idea of finally stopping with the dressing up and putting all that behind me. I say that but it won’t happen. I will continue to dress up. I will continue to ask my mom for help and make each year better than the next.

This year is different. This year almost never happened. I waited too long. No lie. I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I mean, I had an idea last year but like I said, I waited too long and the costume wasn’t something I (my mom) could toss together in just a day. It will take a lot of planning, a lot of work and lots of searching around for the right material. Let’s hope that I don’t start my ‘no more dressing up’ after tomorrow. If so, the costume I wanted will never happened.

As the months passed by and I was seeing the Halloween decor pop up around town, I knew that I was getting closer to the date and I still had no idea what I wanted to do. I thought of maybe going back to an old idea I had and maybe being something that wouldn’t take that much work could possibly be an idea. That idea is “The Riddler” from the Batman Animated Series. I love that show. It’s awesome and for being a cartoon, it was great storytelling. That idea fell though. I was getting down and it was apparent that this was going to be the year without a great pumpkin. It will be the year I skipped Halloween and made the 31st just a day like all the rest. All week long I planned on not dressing up. I planned on not going out. I was going to sit home and watch TV, dressed in my jeans and a t-shirt. People were asking me what I was planning. They asked what I was going to be. They wanted to know what idea I concocted this time around. But each time they asked, I gave them the same answer. “Sorry, no costume this year.” 

Today, while at work, I had a crazy idea. While another co-worker was babbling on and on about the crazy costumes he was going to do, a lightbulb went off and the costume I am going to wear came to mind. It made my day. It was all I could think about. While this isn’t the greatest costume or something made by my own hands, it was still a costume. I should thank him for talking about costumes. If he didn’t, I wouldn’t have a costume and I wouldn’t be celebrating Halloween like I always do. While there won’t be any partying or getting sloshed, I will be dressed up and hopefully please somebody and showcase what I hope is a decent costume. Guess they are right when they say, ‘never say never’.

You’re probably wondering what I have planned for tomorrow. You’re probably getting pissed with me rambling on about nothingness. You just want to see the costume. You just want to see what  I will be going as this year. Okay, here it goes.

It’s not a character from a movie or comic strip. It’s not someone I work with. It is a famous person. Who is this mysterious person? To quote this present day Shakespeare,

Baby, baby, baby oooh
Like baby, baby, baby nooo
Like baby, baby, baby oooh
I thought you’d always be mine (mine)


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