Halloween: 2010

Here you are folks. The moment you all have been waiting for. This years costume is….



This has been a costume I have been wanting to do for sometime. I finally got around to doing it. I cannot take credit for the costume. My mother did 99% of the work. I started late on the costume. That’s normal. I went to the fabric store and found some yellow material. Our first idea was to do what I did with my Two-Face costume. We were going to fuse the material together. I planned on buying a sports coat and just layer on yellow fabric. My mother suggested that wearing two sports coats or suits (call it what you will) will be bulky and not look so great. We were going to fuse it to a white dress shirt but she found a pattern that worked perfectly. A few changes and the costume was a go. She worked day and night on the suit. I give her credit for that.

The tie was easy. I just bought a red tie and colored black stripes with a magic marker. A bit of the marker seeped through and it is a little spotty but at least you can’t see it with the outfit I am wearing.

I bought a black hat. I had the idea of just covering it with material. My mother was reluctant with the idea. She was sure it wasn’t going to work. I sped to Hobby Lobby and hunted down some fabric paint. I rushed back and attempted to cover it with the paint. It didn’t work. It basically turned the hat a very faint, tint of green. We were back to the idea of using material. I mentioned that the Halloween store had white hats. That worked. The paint I bought was enough to cover the hat yellow. Getting the trim around it was also a problem. I tried tape, glue and staples. I even tried to sew (for the first time) but my skills lacked in that department. While I was away getting changed and washed up, she finished it up and sewed the black trim on the hat.

The finished product looks amazing. My mother is whiz at this stuff. I already have the costume for 2011 planned out. She said I need to start early and not wait till the last minute. Knowing how much work she puts in to it, I will. No hints and no trying to get me to say what next years costume is. You’ll just have to wait.

Dick TracyDick Tracy











What will next year bring? What did I decide to do for 2011?

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