A Ghost Story

Ghost & ManI have mentioned Carlos many times. He is the man who lives below me. I have yet to ever meet him. I don’t ever plan on it either. It’s not that I hate this man, I just find his stubbornness annoying as hell. I am appalled that he doesn’t like my taste in music. He’s always pounding on the ceiling. That’s usually a message to, “turn that crap off.” So I do. I respect the people who live around me. I might not be very fond of Needle Nancy, Tramp Stamp, and the Lazy Laundriers. They are a strange bunch. Even the dead zombie wife, Claudia doesn’t give me that much grief. But Carlos, well let me tell you about him.

I am beginning to think this man is not real. Okay. I mean he was real. He just isn’t anymore. I think Carlos is dead…

He’s a ghost. He’s like Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense expect some ex-boy band singer didn’t kill him. Claudia did. I don’t have proof that she killed him. I wish I did. She’s a mass murdering zombie.

Why haven’t I ever seen this man? Why hasn’t he ever come to tell me to turn my music down? Why do I hear noises all the time coming from his apartment? I don’t run to the landlord and complain about him when he makes the slightest peep. Oh, no. That would be just rude. We live in a damn apartment complex. There is bound to be noise. Here is my theory to why Claudia killed him.

Before I lived here, a man named Richard did. Richard and his wife were a happy couple. People wanted to be like them. But as time went on, their picture perfect marriage began to crumble. With Richard gone all the time with work and business trips, Claudia felt lonely. Here comes the friendly, neighborhood home wrecker. Carlos introduced himself to her. They have met before but really just in passing. He got the nerve to finally meet her face to face.

They must have hit it off. They would meet whenever Richard would leave for work. Claudia and Carlos felt safer when he left for business trips. It gave them more freedom to do what they wanted. The friendship blossomed and love was in the air. They slept together many times. Tie On Door KnobRichard was oblivious to everything. Somewhere down the line, he found out. Claudia denied the accusations. She said how Richard was her one and only true love. But he didn’t buy it. He knew there was someone else. In a fit of rage one night, he concocted an idea of pure evil.

During an afternoon at home, Richard drugged his wife. Once she passed out, he went to work. Since Carlos wasn’t bothered much by the noise back then, he thought nothing of the hammering and shaking of the walls. Above Carlos, Richard was hacking away at the walls, creating a hole to stuff his wife inside.

The hole was large enough and Richard picked up Claudia and put her inside. He duct taped her mouth shut and tied her up. He couldn’t have her creating noise to raise any questions. With his wife inside the walls, Richard patched it up and knew sooner or later he’ll be questioned about his wife and her disappearance. He packed his bags and left. Eventually, Claudia died.Luggage

Carlos never saw Richard again. He never saw Claudia again either. He assumed they both left. Well, she left but not by choice. He was sure Richard caught wind of their affair and the only way to end it, was to get her as far away from that place as he could. But she didn’t go with Richard. She was still inside. She was inside the walls, rotting away.

As time passed, Carlos was left alone. He was left only with the memories he and Claudia shared. One night, Carlos lied in bed. He was having trouble sleeping. He was hearing horrible sounds all around him. It was like something was inside the walls trying to claw its way out. Carlos was fed up and banged on the ceiling to tell whoever was making the ruckus to stop. The noise didn’t. It just got louder. The noise continued. With each passing minute, Carlos was growing angrier and angrier. Finally, he stormed out of his apartment and made his way to the apartment above him.

He pounded on the door. Nothing. He started yelling to open the door. Still, nothing happened. The noise was even louder from where he stood. Carlos tried the door and to his surprise, it opened. Carlos stood in the dark living room. It was still furnished. He found that odd. Why would they both leave town but leave their furniture. He thought maybe they were on a trip but that didn’t seem reasonable. The only conclusion he had left was someone was still living here. Carlos called out Claudia’s name. But no one replied back. The only sound he heard was the ruckus coming from inside the wall. The wall was right in front of him. Carlos walked towards the wall. He wasn’t sure what to make of it. As he got closer, the noise got clearer. It sounded like something was inside, trying to get out. He could hear the scratching. He could hear the muffled sounds of agony. Then, Carlos realized something. He didn’t want to believe it but it had to be true. He knew now that inside the wall wasn’t a creature or some nasty rodent but the woman he loved. Inside the wall, the wall that was inches from his face, was Claudia.Zombie

Carlos screamed. He put his ear to the wall to hear better. Like something out of a horror movie, the wall burst open. Carlos flew back. He lied on the floor. He eyes was fixed on the wall. There, pulling herself out was Claudia. Carlos gasped. He was scared. But he didn’t run. He didn’t even try. For standing in front of him was the woman he loved.  The two of them locked eyes. He said how sorry he was. He said how he wished he was there for her and that if he was, he wouldn’t have let this happen to her.

Claudia said nothing. She just stood there. She looked at him. With the amount of decomposition, her jaw dangled in the air, held in place by a few loose pieces of flesh. She shuffled closer to Carlos. She lowered herself, eventually getting on all fours and crawled her way towards him. As Carlos sat there, his back against the wall, he let Claudia straddled herself on top of him. He closed his eyes. He didn’t want to see anymore. That was probably a good thing. For what happened next, I cannot express in words. Basically to be easy, Claudia ate his face off.


I am sure that is how it happened. Claudia killed Carlos. He didn’t become a zombie like her. I don’t know why. He became a ghost. His children see him. They always say how kids see spirits. Maybe that is why I have yet to meet him. His children are bi-lingual. I bet that’s because they hung out with Claudia a lot. She taught them English. Maybe they always played ‘hide and seek’. Carlos has pounded on the ceiling twice. Both times were around 4. I’d say about 4:30. Could this have been the time when Richard killed Claudia? Could this be his spirit trying to warn her about her impending doom? Carlos maybe isn’t the villain at all. True, he did ruin a marriage and get someone killed (in turn, himself). But his love for her is so strong; he tries to warn her about what is to come. It isn’t that he hates my style of music. It is the noise. It sounds like the rattling and the banging Richard made when he tore open the wall to put Claudia inside.Ghost Photo


This is my theory. I have no real proof this happened. But I believe it did. I should fear for my life. I have a dead zombie wife after me. I have Casper Carlos trying to scare me away. This is turning about to be one hell of a complex. If by chance I don’t make it through the night and my body ends up missing, please check the walls. Question the bi-lingual kids below me. Ask them if they see dead people.

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