This is why you can’t have nice things.

A mother and father waited in the living room for their two sons to show up for a talking to. The parents were not happy and weren’t going to let this be. They needed to let the kids know that they can’t treat their toys like trash. It is their responsibility to keep them in working condition and not just toss them aside when something bigger and better comes along. The two boys arrived and they were immediately directed towards the couch.  They know they are in trouble but for what is the mystery.

“I am very upset with you both.” 

The mother looked at the father and nodded for him to dole out the punishment. He cleared his throat and started in with a fatherly speech about responsibility and why they can’t have nice things. He paced back and forth, telling the boys stories from his childhood and how his father would punish him for the things he did. The boys looked at each other and were still dumbfounded as to what they did. One of them raised their hand and waited for their dad to let them speak.

What did we do dad? Why are you and mom so upset?

Furious at their careless behavior, he stormed out of the room. He went to grab the item that is the reasoning behind this family meeting. The dad came back with a small, rectangular box in his hand. “There!” He exclaimed. He tossed the box at them. It popped open and tiny pieces fell everywhere. The boys leaned over and started picking them up. Staring at one of the pieces, one of the boys asked,

Why did you throw our game at us?”

It seems the boys didn’t take good care of their scrabble game and treated it with little to no care. The mother and father noticed and wanted the boys to learn a lesson. They wanted the boys to know that,

“it’s all fun and games till someone loses an I.”

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