Food Log: The Results

Now, I didn’t log it all. I could but that will be a job I don’t want to take one. I did however, log and tally up some of the items I feel I indulged in more than anything. You’re welcome to go back to each month and add up what I ate or drank. I am very proud of myself for keeping at this project. There were a few people who assumed I would give up after a few months. Others said six months. But I showed them. I did it every day. I logged 365 days of food and drinks.

Do I think I will ever change my eating habits? No. I doubt I will. I mean, I do look at some of that stats and get bothered by the amount of soda or alcohol I drank. It’s a high number. I am sure there are other people who drink far more than I do. I am not saying I drink more than you or more than Bill W. I just looked at the three digit number and was a little sick to my stomach. But what do I do? I sit here and nurse a beer. It’ll never end. I will never change my eating habits. I snack too much. I drink too much. Maybe when I resemble a beached whale, I’ll cut back and then start watching what I eat. But while I have this great metabolism, I will eat and drink whatever I want.

When this gets posted, It’ll be the new year. I will not continue this project. This was a one year thing. If anything, I’ll probably eat and drink close to the same thing. It was a long and difficult job to take on. I am happy that I did it. I cannot give you a real purpose as to why I did it but that I was curious about what I eat and how much I eat of it. Below is a chart of some of the drinks and food I ate throughout the year.

Thank you for reading. Happy New Year!

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