Facebook purchases the Internet for 3 billion dollars

After the news broke about Facebook buying Instagram for 1 billion dollars, social media went crazy. Most folks are not happy about the deal and vow to cancel and delete their instagram account before Facebook turns it into a mess like they did with Timeline. Mark Zuckerberg is quoted as saying after the billion dollar purchase,

This is an important milestone for Facebook because it’s the first time we’ve ever acquired a product and company with so many users.

The purchase of Instagram was the first major news of the day before Facebook dropped even bigger news shortly after. The purchase of Instagram is a big deal for Facebook. It will add a total of 30 million users to their social network. Some of which are not current users of the already, successful social networking site Facebook finished off the news conference with the news that wasn’t expected. Today marks the day that Facebook will change everything about social networking on how everyone uses the internet. Zuckerberg announced the purchase of the internet for a hefty 3 billion dollars.

Our purchase of Instagram was only the beginning. We purchased the internet in hopes to bring the entire world wide web together. The future of social networking started with us and we have many great ideas planned within the next few years.

All of twitter was up in arms after Mark dropped the news about buying the internet. One user humorously exclaimed,

If they keep porn sites, I am sure people will go back to ‘poking’.

Facebook has kept quiet about what they have planned for the future but did mention a few ideas. They plan on going the same route Google did with web history, only making timeline a viewable history of sites viewed, purchases, and emails read. In short, your personal web browsing will be seen by whoever your friends with.

Friending will be a thing of the past. Everyone will be connected. Mark went on to discuss this ideas as,

It’s a six degree of separation thing. Just cause you didn’t add me as a friend, doesn’t mean I can’t see what you posted. If anyone on your list is friends with someone, that eventually connects to me, we’ll instantly becomes friends. You’ll be given access to everything about them. Birth records, dental history, credit card information. It’s a new world. If you’re gonna spend 3 billion dollars, you’re gonna expect a few hiccups and some great features! These features are just the beginning. We plan on unveiling more and more as year goes on.

Facebook did say they will keep Google+ open for a few months before purging it with Myspace, Friendster, and Evite. Facebook is the leader of social networking, while Google+ struggles to gain members but is said to be confusing, difficult to manage, and not as user friendly as the commercials make it out to be. Google didn’t comment on the major purchase but did speak little about the deal on their blog. They stated that,

Facebook is becoming big brother. It may be 2012 but with Facebook, every year after this will be 1984.

Google was rumored to be in the running to buy the internet for 2 billion. The bowed out after word broke that Facebook was offering more. With the purchase of the internet, there is no word on what Google will do after they become a subsidiary of Facebook. The purchase of the internet by Facebook is the biggest buyout seen by any company. Once the deal is complete, this will put Facebook as the leading company and put their worth at nearly 40 trillion dollars. The deal is said to finalize before the end of May. Mark Zuckerberg declined further comments on all of what they have planned but was clear that,

before June everyone must have a Facebook account.

He jokingly snarked before exiting off the stage,

or else.

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