Vote: Election 2012

It is time for another election. It is time for you, the American people, to vote for the person who will lead this country into a better tomorrow. We’ve heard Romney and Obama speak and explained their views on different and very important subjects. When the polls open tomorrow and you are standing in that booth, you need to think long and hard about who you will vote for. Will this person lead the country down the correct path or will they lead this country down a path of corruption and lies? I know who I will be voting for. I have my faith that the candidate that I am for will make me proud. They will lead us forward and show the world that we are not a joke anymore. We are a powerful country and we need someone to show people that we are a great nation. Vote tomorrow. Don’t pretend like this election doesn’t matter because it does. It’s a very important election. You are voting for the person that will lead this country into victory or lead us into a mess of epic proportions. We’ve had great men lead this country and we need to keep it that way. Don’t tarnish the presidency because you feel your vote won’t matter. It does matter. The future is in our hands. Obama or Romney, the vote is yours. You just need to vote correctly because there is only one right choice. Let’s just hope you make it. Please vote correctly. We don’t want this country to crash and burn.

Aside from the election, here is a little diddy that’ll cheer you up. Watch the video and then go vote.

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