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I posted a couple portions of a book I wrote many years back. I doubt it will ever be published. I am just proud that I actually wrote something that long. It’s a good story. Really, it is. To those that do not know what this story is about, I will tell you.

Walter is a family man. He is married to a beautiful woman. They have a young daughter. Walter is a workaholic. His wife, missing her husband, seeks a relationship with another man. The man she forms this forbidden affair with, is Walter’s brother. One day, Walter surprises his wife when he leaves work early. With a dozen roses in his hand, he is shocked to see his wife and brother wrapped around each other like a photo out of the Kama sutra. He unleashes hell and shoots them both dead. Filled with guilt, he leaves the room to weep. A noise startles Walter and the gun is fired a third time. Walter sees the limp body of his five year old daughter dead on the floor.

Walter flees the city to get away from the crime he committed. He drives as far as he could. He car comes to a halt and Walter walks toward a nearby town. The town, Eden is not like the city he came from. Everyone knows each other. Everyone is friendly. They all follow the law of the Bible. They open Walter with open arms. Each of them want to know about him. Walter keeps his secrets from the people of Eden. They also keep their secrets from him. Behind their smiles and their friendly faces, they all hold deep secrets that no one knows about.

Walter was brought to the town. He cannot leave. Some force is keeping him there. But Walter wasn’t the only new visitor to the town. A man named Ashland arrives too. Unlike Walter, Ashland thrives on their secrets. He knows all their secrets, their lies, the skeletons in their closets. It’s up to Walter and others to put an end to this stranger before Ashland and the other townspeople wipe the town off the map.

Another portion from the book.

“Hi mom.” He said with a sarcastic tone in his voice. He sat on the couch, his arms folded nicely on his lap. “You’re home early.”

Nancy walked towards Brian. She was furious. If it could happen, steam would be shooting out of her ears by now. Nancy clenched her fingers together, forming a tight fist. Brian noticed that dripping from her fists, was blood. Nancy had clenched them so tightly together, her fingernails were tearing in to her palms. But it didn’t seem to phase her at all. She continued walking towards him. “What the hell are you doing out of your room? How did you unlock that door?”

Brian laughed and ran passed her. “If you want to punish me, come and get me!” He laughed and ran in to her bedroom. He glared behind the door and nodded to Zach. “She’s on her way. Get ready.”

Nancy walked up the stairs and in to her room. Brian was on the other side of the bed. He just smiled and laughed at her. She didn’t know what was going on, and if she did, she wouldn’t have stepped in that room. “When I get my hands on you, I am going to beat…” Nancy was startled by the sound of the door slamming shut.

Nancy was blocked on each side. Standing just inches from her was Zach, a hammer in his hand and a smile on his face. He didn’t say anything to her at all. He just used all the energy he had and struck her in the knee. Nancy fell down and screamed in pain. Brian placed his hands on the bed and starting jumping up and down, he was filled with such joy. “How does that feel? How does it feel to lose all that power?”

Zach hit her again. He smacked the same knee again and then his third blow, he broke her other kneecap in three pieces. Nancy just laid on the floor. She was crying in pain and asking for help, but the boys just stood there, both laughing at her. Nancy raised her arm and reached for the door handle. Zach wasn’t paying attention, till Zach gave him the nod to stop her. Nancy had reached the door handle and had it in her grasp. Zach yelled “no”, and hit her hand with the hammer. Nancy screamed in pain again. “Finish it.” Brian said.

Zach hit her again on the side of the face. The damage to the face knocked her out. It also opened up a large gash on the side of her face. “She’s out!” Jacob and the girls left their room and joined up with Zach and Brian in their mothers room. Lying on the floor was Nancy. She was breathing, but not very heavily. Zach smiled and tossed the hammer on the bed.

The children just huddled around their mother, just looking at her. Ashland opened the door and joined the kids. “Is she dead yet?’ he asked them,

“No sir, not yet. But she will be soon.” Jacob, with the help of the others ansd Ashland lifted Nancy on to the bed. “Go get the tape Megan.”

Megan screamed with delight and ran out of the room. In just seconds, she returned with the tape. The plan was going perfectly. It was all downhill from here. Zach had to nail her to the bed. He wanted to do it badly, but was more of less afraid that she might wake up during it. Jacob took the tape from Megan and placed a large piece over Nancy’s mouth. The children switched off. Jacob drove in the first nail, just to let Zach know she wouldn’t wake up. He pressed the nail against her hand. Brian held up her hand and pressed it against the bed headboard. Jacob didn’t think twice about it. He did it as quick as he could. It took only one hit. The nail went right though her hand and into the wood of the bed. Blood spit from her hand and splashed across his face. Megan and Kellt screamed. They took comfort behind Ashland legs. They wanted just this, but the girls were getting more terrified as it went further and further. Jacob handed the hammer to Brian. With the help of Jacob, Brian drove his nail in to Nancy’s hand. Like before, the blood shot out from her hand and covered his face.

Ashland patted the girls on the head and smiled. “This is what you wanted, right?” He scooted them away from his legs and pushed them closer to the bed to see what was going on. The girls didn’t want to see, but they had to. They looked at their mother. She looked helpless. He face still bleeding, as well as her hands. “It’s about time children. I cannot be here any longer. But I will be back. This is your mission, not mine.” Ashland just walked out of the house and down the road. He left the children alone. So they waited. Nancy had been unconscious for fifteen minutes now. They just wished she would wake up soon. They wanted it done and over with.

Time passed and the children were growing tired. Jacob was startled by the sounds of Nancy’s moans.

Jacob removed the tape, just to let her speak. He planned on putting it back on once they were ready. He felt that she deserved it. She had the right to say what she wanted. It was either on till they went through with it, or until she got on their nerves. Jacob had a second piece of tape already for anything that might happen.

“What’s going on here?” she said. Nancy was still weak and confused. Nancy saw the children all gathered around her bed, all with blank stares at her. Nancy was cruel herself, but this drew the line for her. She didn’t see kids who broke commandments and kids who disobeyed their mother, but she saw only spawns of Satan.

Nancy cried in pain and wished for them to stop, but they didn’t. It wasn’t until Kelly brought in the man made weapon in to her ine of sight, that she saw her hands nailed to the backboard.

“You’ve been bad mommy. You don’t listen to God!” Kelly flipped the switched to the beater. The whizzing sound brought fear to Nancy. She was aware that her kids were going to kill her. Nancy began to beg to be free, promising that all will be better, that she would change and they could once again be the happy family that everyone thought they were.

“Liar! Thou shall not lie!” Jacob proved his mother wrong. “You broke a commandment mother. You know what the means?’ Jacob took the hammer in his hand and hit her right foot. “I break a bone!”

“Listen you little brats, when I get out of you, you’re all in for it.” Nancy wanted to hold her foot, and rub out the pain, but that mean she would have to rip her hand away from the nail and cause herself even more pain. Nancy knew better. She knew she wouldn’t be getting out of this anytime soon. She just thought maybe a little threat would scare them and they would give in, giving her the upper hand in this situation.

“You’ll what mom?” Jacob laughed. He knew who had that upper hand. He did. He planned on using it too. “That’s right mom, nothing.”

Nancy looked at her daughter. She was still holding the weapon in her hand. The sound just echoed in her head. Kelly walked up to her. “Know what this is for mommy?”

“Please baby, don’t do this. You don’t want to hurt your mommy. You love your mommy.” Nancy looked at her and started to cry. “Please baby, kids please don’t do this.”

Jacob rolled his eyes. “Forget it mother. You screwed up. We have to go and so do you.” Jacob tore the tape off the bed and covered her mouth. Nanvy screamed for help, but it was too muffled to even be heard by anyone. “Go ahead Kelly. It’s your turn.”

Kelly smiled and brought the makeshift weapon to Nancy forehead. Nancy closed her eyes and squeezed them tightly together. Kelly turned the beater on high and pressed it to her mother’s head. The corkscrew spun around and turn in to the flesh like it was cake batter. Blood coated all the walls as the beater spun around. Kelly just laughed. Earlier she didn’t want to see a drop of blood, but actually doing it, actually drilling a hole in to their mother, gave her a since of power. Kelly liked it. The corkscrew reach the bone and started to scrap at it. Nancy wasn’t moving. She had lost too much blood and laid on the lifeless. But the children didn’t care. Kelly broke through the bone and continued drilling. Small bones shavings rose to the surface and trickled down Nancy’s face. Kelly turned if off. The corkscrew couldn’t be seen anymore. Kelly yanked it from Nancy’s head, ripping a large hole in her forehead.

The children smiled and cheered. They felt a huge burden lift off of them and were free for the first time in a long time. Jacob hugged his brothers and sisters and wiped away a tear that was rolling down his face. “Okay, everyone get in the living room. I’m going to start the fire. Give it 5 minutes before we run out screaming. That should give his enough time to help destroy mom’s body.” Jacob opened the door and his brothers and sisters ran in to the living room. The all clapped and hugged each other again, congratulating each other on a job well done.

Jacob looked at his mom one last time. He started to breath heavy. He felt something come over him, something he wanted to do his whole life. Jacob jumped on the bed and was punching his mom over and over again. He didn’t care where he hit her, just as long as he made contact. Jacob grabbed the lighter fluid and opened it up. He sprayed it first on Nancy, covering her head to toe, not living a dry spot on her. He sprayed it on the walls, on the floor and covered her furniture with it. “Good bye mom.” Jacob stepped out of the room and lit a match. He didn’t toss it right away, he just held it, looking at the flame. And with no morals left in him, he tossed the match on top of Nancy’s cold body. Instantly, the room burst in to flames. Jacob met his brothers and sisters in the living room. They were all holding hands and jumping up and down. “We did it.”

They looked at each other. They did do it. They did what they wanted and she couldn’t stop them. The children waited in the living room, they saw from below the hallway filling up with smoke. The smell of human flesh burning was filling the house with a smell they wished wasn’t there. The smoke continued to fill the house. It crept down the stairs and started to fill the living room. The heat from the bedroom was too intense, it busted its way through the doors and made its way in to the hallway. The house was slowing becoming engulfed in flames. They didn’t care. They had nothing to lose at all. The whole house could turn to a pile of ash and they wouldn’t mind. Jacob saw the fire creep its way in to their bedroom. He was glad it did. He despised that room. He hated his mom for it and was glad she was in the room burning. He knew that she would be spending her life in Hell. Jacob got distracted when Kelly began to cough. “Okay we better go now. I am sure the house has caught enough attention now. People should be outside, all praying to god to save us all.” Brian and Zach ran to the door and made their way outside.

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