This is a bit from my book, “Eden.” I would really like to get this thing edited and actually sent out. It’s been a long time since I have even read it. I need to dig it out and reread it. I know there are many errors. Maybe a new set of eyes will be nice. I might have a different outlook for an idea I had then. I was (am) wanting to make this a trilogy type book. The one is book two. Book one is to dive deeper into the legend of the town. Talk about how it became what it is and the people who live and lived there. Book three is to be all about the events after the town.

Time will tell. Enjoy.

“Good bye Father. Thank you again.” Nancy waved the kids to the car. “Okay time to go to Maggie’s.” The kids put large smiles on their faces and thanked her for what she was doing. It wasn’t everyday she took them out to eat. Their normal meals were chicken bones and water. A real meal would do them good. Megan began thinking of the giant stack of pancakes she was going to order and the tall glass of orange juice to wash it all down. Jacob thought about a waffle, while Kelly and Brian both craved a big cinnamon roll. They could all taste it. Their mouths water and hearts raced. Nancy pulled in to Maggie’s and turned the car off. Jacob, Brian and the girls waited patiently in the car, letting their mom step out first. Nancy looked at the kids. It was a long time since she had seen them smile. She could tell they were overjoyed by the fact she would allow them longer time away from home. “Okay ready kids?”

Kelly unbuckled her seat belt and grabbed a hold of the doorknob. She was ready. Nancy then started the car back up. “Okay time to go home.”

“I thought we were going to eat?” Jacob asked.

“Did you just talk back to me?” Nancy’s nose flared up and her eyesbrows raised up. She disapproved of many things, and talking back to her was one thing they all knew they should never do.

“I’m sorry momma. I will never do it again.” Jacob leaned back in the seat and pouted. He knew what she was doing. He didn’t care about it, but to do it to the other kids, he just hated her for it.

“I never said anything about eating. I did say let’s go to Maggie’s. We came, and now we’re leaving. Next time you all need to listen to me and not jump to conculsion.” She pulled out of the parking lot and headed back home. Kelly pressed her face against the window and sighed. It was the closest she had ever been to Maggie’s. The kids stayed quiet the ride home, but Kelly spoke up and spoke back to her. “I hate you mommy! You’re mean!”

“Kelly, you just came from church. Didn’t you learn anything? What commandment did you just break?”

“Honor thy mother and father.” She wiped her nose and whimpered. She didn’t realize what she did till she said the commandment. She knew she was going to be in trouble.

“Did you just tell me you hate me? That’s not honoring me, the last time I checked?” Nancy pulled in the driveway and exited the car. She walked around the car and stood, waiting by the door that Kelly would walk out of. “Discipline is needed to teach you a lesson. Tsk…Tsk…Kelly. And to think, we just got back from church. You obviously learned nothing there.”

The family walked inside the house. “Everyone go upstairs right now. Change you clothes and get in your bedroom. Kelly you stay here.” Kelly backed up, pinned between her mom and the couch. “Kelly come here.”

She shook her head no. Her tiny pigtails flew from side to side. She stood there, shaking with fright and sucking her thumb. She didn’t want what happened to Brian to happen to her. Her big eyes watered up and the tears fell out. “I’m sorry mommy. Please don’t hurt me.”

“I am not the one who is going to hurt you. You are the one who is going to hurt yourself. When you go against what God said, you hurt yourself more than you hurt him.” How her mom explained it didn’t make any sense to her, but she just had to agree and believe that what she said was true. Believe that she hurt God. Kelly began to see God, or what she envisioned to be God, sitting on a chair, his face masked by his hands, tears falling down all the way from heaven. That made her cry even more. Kelly knew she was going to be punished, but what it was, she didn’t know.

Nancy got down on her knees and looked at Kelly. Her face was full of disappointment. She felt betrayed, thinking that her own daughter would go against her and God. Nancy didn’t hold back on her punishment. Kelly closed her eyes, squeezing them tightly, covering them with her hand, trying hard not to see what her mother was doing. But she couldn’t resist. Kelly spread her fingers apart and peeked, moving her eye all around, looking to spot her mom. She found her returning back from the kitchen. “Pull your hands way from your face. I want you to face your punishment like a grown up.” Kelly did as her mom instructed.

“Lie down on the coffee table Kelly.” Kelly climbed on to the table and laid down on top of it. “Lie face down. You shouldn’t look up to God. He doesn’t want to see you. Lie facing down, and look to the devil. He seems to be the only one your listening to now a days.”

Kelly positioned herself and faced down. “Don’t cry. It’s for your own good.” Nancy picked up the duct tape off of the couch and started wrapping it around Kelly. She started with the feet. Only sometimes pulling the tape back up, ripping it from her bare legs. Kelly screamed with each yank. But Nancy kept going, higher and higher up. She passed Kelly’s knees and used her teeth to tear the tape from the roll. Nancy then went back to Kelly’s feet, starting the process over again, only this time wrapping it around her tighter. Kelly tired to move her feet in a comfortable position, but Nancy had taped it too firmly, giving Kelly not only the inability to see, but also the inability to move.

Nancy didn’t care to stop there. She started up a new thread and began to work her way up her thighs. Kelly asked her to stop many times, but Nancy ignored her and went about her work. Kelly’s arm lied at her sides, just above her buttocks. Nancy continued and started to engulf the tiny hands with the extra strength duct tape. She passed Kelly’s buttocks and stopped. She tore the tape away and like before, added a second layer of tape, to make sure Kelly could escape the cocoon. Kelly didn’t try anymore to free herself. She just let her mom do what she was doing, and face the penalty that was laid down upon her. Nancy repeated her process, binding Kelly up taping her to the table. Nancy made her way passed Kelly’s back, only covering her back and stomach in four sheets of tape. Nancy stopped at the neck. She looked at her work. Kelly’s head stuck out of the giant ball of duct tape. Kelly couldn’t budge. The tape had been wrap around her so securely, that she couldn’t move her head and she was forced to face the ground. Nancy put away the roll of tape and walked back in the living room. She grab the remote off of the television and turned it to her favorite sitcom.

The rest of the kids sat on the floor in the room. Brian, Jacob and Megan all held each other. They feared that Kelly might be seriously hurt, that their mom might have took drastic measures and hurt Kelly far worse then the penalty she gave to Brian. They waited for Kelly to hobble in to the room, her face covered in blood and tears. The expected to see their mom walk in and scold them once more, but it never came. Megan walked over to the door and opened it very carefully. It was one of the few times that Nancy didn’t lock the door. She was to busy in the living room, disciplining Kelly that she totally forgot about it. Megan slowly opened the door. A loud creaky noise filled the room. Nancy pressed mute on the Television and raced upstairs. Standing just inches out of the bedroom was Megan, a sad look on her face knowing that she was caught. She wrinkled up her nose and put a sad look on her face. Nancy gestured her to go back in the room and slammed the door, nearly crushing Megan’s tiny fingers between the door and the wall.

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