Hey Apple! Fix The Maps.

I updated my iPhone to the newest OS they have, iOS 6. While I am very happy with iMessage working and the photo stream, I am upset with how shitty maps work. I miss google maps. They are the best maps around and now Google is even mapping the ocean floor. Seriously, those nerds means business. With Apple, we get a map application that is anything but great. Maybe this is Apple’s plan. If Google and everyone else already have great map applications, they will release a great app down the road and exclaim how amazing their app is compared to all the others.

I am sorry, Apple. I am thinking I might go Android. I might break my ties with you and switch it up. The iOS is not amazing and the map application you offer is faulty. Fix it. Don’t release something that isn’t ready. All your Apple freaks will flip because it isn’t the latest or the greatest. A working map is important. You don’t want people getting lost, especially, bilingual 4-year-old explorers.

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