Cooking For One

It may come to a shock to those that don’t know me but I am single. I know, right? An old chap like me is still sitting at home, twiddling his thumbs looking for escorts singles in my area. I am cool with it. I have no desire to breed or get married. Getting a girlfriend leads to issues about money, how fat she really is, and the annoying question of ‘is she prettier than me‘. Don’t say anything. Even if the gal is hotter, keep you’re mouth closed. Cause once you do, you’ll never get a word in the rest of the night. That my friends. That is why I am single. Plus, do you think a woman will follow my simple rules to being my wife?

Set of Rules 1

Set of Rules 2

So I am a bachelor. I live alone. Living alone has many advantages. I can be messy and have no roommate of female to question it. If I leave a plate in the sink, I’ll get to it when I want to get to it. I am not going to wash it cause you have company coming over. The bed is never mad. The TV is always available for me and never do I have to sit through a crappy show like “Grey’s Anatomy“.  There are endless benefits to being a single guy. But there is always another side. Where there’s a ying, there is a yang. Folks, here is the biggest issue when you live alone.


Oh, how I love food. I do. I will eat it up. My blog was going to be all about food but I moved away from that and just talk about whatever comes to mind. I did keep track of what I ate for the year of 2010. I am going to do it again this year. I will log all the food I eat and everything I drink. If you look at it, you’ll notice that I rarely ate at home. It’s just a hard thing to do. It’s hard to cook for one person. You always have left overs. If I feel like it, I will stuff my face full of food and eat every last bit of what I cooked. No worries. I don’t gain weight. I can eat whatever I want. It’s a gift and a curse.  Tonight I made some beef and noodles. It was delicious. You can’t measure servings for one person. I made enough for 4. I ate half. I still have some in the fridge. I’ll eat it tomorrow.

This is the issue I have. This is what I deal with. It was a good meal. I just don’t like having leftovers. I have a weird thing against it. I will eat it. I just prefer food to be hot. To be fresh. To be as fresh as it can be. I rarely have leftover cause I rarely have food in my fridge. I have beer. I have soda. I may have butter and eggs. I got the essentials. I just can’t open my fridge and grab something out to make for dinner. I grab fast food more than anything. I should eat healthier but I probably won’t. My health and eating habits is not what I am talking about here. I just want to let couples and families know that while you struggle with family life, we (the bachelors) have to struggle with making a meal for one. We will never get it down. We’ll always be stuck with a bowl of leftovers in our fridge. If there were only a way to fix this.

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I like food. I like the smell of cinnamon.

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