Cemetery Visit

Barry pulls into a cemetery. He has come to see his mother. She passed away 10 years ago and this is the first time he’s been back since then. Barry walks over to the tombstone and kneels down in front of it. He starts to cry. He isn’t an emotional man but being that he’s here visiting his mother, a few tears wouldn’t make much of a scene.

He places the flowers he brought on the tombstone. “I love you, mom.” He kisses his fingers and places them on the marble tombstone. It is his way of giving his mother a kiss. He lowers his head and closes his eyes. He begins to pray silently to himself.

“What are you doing here!?”

Says a voice from behind. Startled, Barry turns around. Another man is standing there. He is carrying flowers and from the look on his face, he is not very happy. ” I said, what are you doing here!?” He looks at Barry and demands an answer.

“I’m praying to my mom.” Barry stands up and looks at the man dead in the eyes. He points to the grave and asks the man standing before him to leave him alone.

“Can I have some privacy? Id like to be with my mother if you don’t mind.”

The other man drops his jaw. “What do you mean ‘your mother’!? They look at the tombstone. Barry looks at the man and turns red. He coughs and slowly backs away from the man and the tombstone. He wasn’t praying to his mother. He was mourning someone else. He is very embarrassed. He apologizes to the man and leaves,

“I’m so very sorry. I thought this was my mothers tombstone. I made a grave mistake.”

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