I was once against the idea of having a cellphone. I didn’t see a purpose for them. I had no need for one. I was either at two places before I owned one. I was at work or I was at home. You could reach me at either number. Eventually, I caved and bought one.  Here are the phone I have had so far. This isn’t a review blog. I am basing this on all from memory. I am trying to recall each one. A little “googling” and I am able to remember the names. As for specs, features, and the internal workings? Don’t ask.

My first phone is the one below. It was the Nokia 3595. It was a very cheap phone. I basically got it free for just signing my life away to AT&T. It wasn’t the best phone. It got the job done. I was able to make calls. The phone didn’t come was any bells are whistles. My ringtones were midi files. Amazing quality! I remember getting the “forrest gump suite” for it and being ecstatic! The only good thing that really came out of this phone were the games. I can remember two of the games. One was a skydiving game. I never did very well with it. The other was bowling. No lie. I would honestly play it for hours. I never did a perfect game. I couldn’t send photos and couldn’t take them. I do believe I had yahoo instant messenger on here…or was it AOL? I know! AOL, right? I bet you probably used aim while surfing on Netscape. Eventually, I had to upgrade. I needed a newer phone. I caught the bug and wanted bigger and better. My next phone was the, Sony Erricson Z500. It was one of my favorite phones. I was leery on getting a flip phone. I know they were stylish and everybody and their stepchild had one but I didn’t want to take that chance of snapping it in half. Although, from all the trauma I put it through, I bet it would have survived being sawed in half. It did have many features that I never used. This had its own Yahoo! Messenger application. I used it religiously. I was a YIM addict back then. Today, I hardly use it. I was treated to getting real ringtones! I was able to actually hear real music when people called me. I got excited every time I got to hear OAR play, Hey Girl when work called me.

I was able to make my own tones. MMS, texting, and the internet was at my fingertips. (I was a whiz at texting) I loved the screen on the front of the phone. I knew who was calling me without even opening the phone. It did have plenty more features that I never used. I didn’t use the email feature. Browsing the web wasn’t great. It was such a tiny screen, I couldn’t enjoy the full effect. Not to mention when I did surf the web, I was charged an insane amount. I had one bill that was well over $140.00! After that, I stopped surfing for long periods of time. The video recording was below par. Pictures and video were fuzzy and nothing to great to really show off. The phone was durable. Oh, how durable it was. I once dropped the phone off my balcony. I lived on the third floor and was doing something stupid I’m sure and in seconds, the phone plunged to the ground below. The only damage to the phone you ask? The back case fell off, ejecting the battery a few feet away. I snapped it back on and it acted as if nothing ever happened. If I was to ever need a spare phone for any reason, I’d pull this phone out of my closet and use it once more.

My third phone was probably my worst mistake ever. I wanted something better (who doesn’t?) I was up for an upgrade and after doing some searching, I came upon the Samsung Blackjack. It is a nice looking phone. I loved the home screen. I could see if I missed a call or if I had a voicemail. If I used the email, I’d know if I had a new message in my inbox.I still used Yahoo! Messenger. The game I enjoyed was a bubble popping game. I manged many times to clear the screen. It was quite the achievement. Plus, it came with solitaire. It wasn’t Spider Solitaire (which I love) but beggars can’t be choosers. It’s a phone, not something to play games on. Still didn’t use the email feature. SMS was annoying. I didn’t like how it was set up. My old roommate had a Bluetooth enabled phone. My phone also had it. But I never got the darn thing to work. That’s one feature I never got to use. I had a camera and a pretty good video recorder. It wasn’t the best looking video but compare it to my last phone, it was like HD.

I was pretty excited about getting a spare battery and a charging case. It came in handy when the charging port broke. Maybe I dropped it, maybe I was sticking the cord in too hard (ha), I really don’t know. All I know is the extra battery that I loved so much, became a hassle. When I was using my phone, I had the other battery charging. When it came close to a dead phone, I had to take out the battery, switch the full one with the dead one, and turn my phone back on. It was a huge pain in my ace. I managed this issue for a while, till I got fed up and sent away for a refurbished one. The keyboard was nice at first. But it too became a hassle and just a chore to even call someone. You know the 1-800 numbers that end in words (1-800-your-mom). Well with my old phones I could tell what numbers to use for “your mom”. This phone, no effin’ idea.


The phone came with lots of media content applications. There were fees to use it and I wasn’t about to drop down cash to watch videos, or doing different functions on a phone. Listening to music is one thing but trying to work on documents or spend money on a application to tell me what song I am listening to? I’d never do something like that. I liked the media player.  I liked having music everywhere I went. I had a memory card and filled it with music. I eventually used it far too often and blew the speaker. Sucked too. My phone is my alarm clock. With no speaker, I had no alarm clock. I already had a refurbished and my contract wasn’t up for another year. Now this meant I had to get a new phone,

iPhone 3G. It’s the iPhone! Need I say more? I had my music with me always. Photos were amazing. I couldn’t take video. That’s lame. Texting is easy. Even going back and reading them was a piece of cake. But I couldn’t send MMS messages. You know how many times I had to tell people to stop sending me pictures.

Them: You can’t get photos?

Me: No.

Them: But, wait. You have an iPhone.

Me: I know. But I can’t.

Them: Your phone sucks.

Me: I know.

I was able to get them but I had to enter some user name and passcode in at AT&T’s website. Most of the time, it didn’t work. After the iPhone community complained, we got our MMS. I never used the email applications on my other phones but I do use it on this one. Games are unless. I can carry my whole life on this phone. I can get directions to the nearest bar. I can drink and track my BAC. Oh, wow. I’m over the limit. (where was this app 4 years ago?) I better find the nearest taxi service. Just pinpoint my location, look for the nearest one and call them. It’s that simple. I can do my checkbook, check my adsense, share files, stream music from my PC, jump on skype. order a pizza, and tag songs to see what I am listening to. With all this, how can this phone get any better? Maybe with my new purchase, the iPhone 3GS. The 3GS is my current phone. It is my life. It keeps my up with my facebook, twitter, this site, checkbook, email, even kill zombies with a peashooter. The 3GS offers video where the 3G doesn’t. I had no desire for a phone about 10 years ago. Why would I need one? Are they really that great?  I love my phone. I never go anywhere without it. No other phone can compete with the iPhone. Sure they can try but Apple will just out do them. This summer, we get our new OS 4.0 (multitasking, folders, unified inbox, etc…) and possibly hints or the announcement of the 4th generation iPhone. I am due for another phone if that happens.

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  • All that you say may be true, but what other phone has a light saber app? With sound effects and Star Wars music. It was so cool. But now my friend won't let me play with his iPhone in restaurants any more. :(