The Cat And The Witch

There once was this really noisy cat living in a perfect, quiet kingdom. The cat would hiss and make all sorts of noises every hour of every day. One day, after hours of hissing and meowing and purring, a witch told the cat that one more sound and he’ll be cursed and never allowed to speak again. The cat laughed and took it as a bluff. He looked at the witch and cleared his throat. He hissed loudly and ran off. But before he got away, the witch cursed the cat.

Clueless about the curse, the cat walked up to a mother and her sleeping baby. He smiled and was ready to wake the baby up with a loud hiss. He arched his back and rubbed his paws into ground. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. He tried again and again but still nothing. The cat didn’t know what was wrong. The cat tried to meow and he tried to hiss but nothing. He was silenced. The witch had taken away his voice. The cat was upset. He cried but no sound was made. Only tears rolled down his furry face. After years of torment, the kingdom was now free from the cruel and noisy cat. They were elated knowing that they could now stroll around and sleep in the fields without worrying if the mean, noisy cat would strike. The kingdom was happy again with no cat to bother them all hours of the day. The cat, however, was not happy. After weeks of not being able to make noises, he decided it was time to give up, leave town, and never return. While he walked down a lonely dirt road, he met up with the witch again. He tugged on her cloak and with those sad, wide eyes, he begged her for his voice back. The witch did feel sorry. She knows that no one should not be allowed to speak.

“I guess you did learn a lesson, right?” The cat nodded. “Okay, Mr. Cat. I will give you your voice back.” The cat smiled and was ready to be able to meow and hiss again, “But! There is only one rule.” The cat looked up to the witch and clutched his paws together and shrugged a ‘what?’
The witch tapped her wand on the cat’s head and tells him the rule,

“You can meow and hiss all you want but only one purr day.”

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